10 Blogs you need to be following if you are not allready !

There are so many amazing blogs, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts out there so it was actually hard to narrow it down to 10 ! I hope you find a few you like here amoungst some of my favourites. What are your favourite blogs I’d love to hear ?

Enjoy x Laura.

The Days With Nanny.



I have just come across this amazing account on instagram and am really impressed with the blog too! Aside from taking the kids on outdoorsy adventures I love to do arts and crafts with them so this is definately my cuppa.

Delphine and Raphael are French natives with artistic flare looking after three young children in London. They share their wonderful creations so that you need never be at a loss for something to do on a rainy day !

Foodie Girl Fitness.




Ashlie Molstad is one cool chick and despite being overweight myself with an addiction to chocolate and an allergy to exercise I have been following her for a while!

Ashlie’s life has changed in the last year as she welcomed her beautiful baby girl, she is now sharing her journey as a new mum and at the moment she is working at getting fitter post partum and is showing us that despite it being tough it can be done but more importantly can be done while also living living life. Ashlie does it all while still enjoying booze and ball games ! I love this girl ..be sure to check her out.

Digital Dad.




If you follow Digital Dad on social media at least you are guaranteed to “lol” at least once a day !

This dad of 3 gives a humerus and real insight into family life in superb posts throughout the week and also throws in some nice competitions !

He describes himself as “currently navigating the road between quarter – life and mid – life crisis ”

And states …

“All opinions are my own unless my wife tells me otherwise “.

Flying the flag for the dad’s this is a great blog you need to be following.

Daddy Poppins.




Daddy Poppins quit his job to be a stay at home dad and he tells tales of his daily life with honesty and humour ! Its great to get a male perspective on so many things through his blog posts which i know you will enjoy as much as i do.

Another one for the boys and one you need to follow ….

Fred and Ted and Company.




Mum of one and one on the way ( along with two furbabies ) Ted shares the montessori life she leads with her little boy Alfie.

You don’t have to lead a montessori life to enjoy this blog and if you are a parent you will find you are probably allready following some principles of montessori unbeknown to yourself.

Whether you are hoping to lead a montessori life, want to get some insight into a montessori way of life or hoping to add to the way of life you have allready chosen this blog is one to follow! Informative blog posts, fantastic activities and serious house envy is only some of the things you’ll get if you follow this blog !

Lipstick n Leopard Print.




Cork mum of twins Joanne always looks amazing and shares her favourite beauty products (from budget to luxury brands), great advice and honest knowledgeable reviews on her blog. I love her style ( classy yet a little edgy) and the love of a good red lip is something we have in common. This is a great beauty blog and definately one to follow.

Shared Motherhood.




Ranae is wife to Audrey and mum to Ava and in this blog she shares their journey in creating another beautiful baby /sibling for Ava through reciprocal IVF .

Ranae’s blog is literally one of a kind, It is honest, open and very informative thus being a vital resource if you are hoping to start or extend your family through this process.

A beautiful read for anyone and the pictures of little Ava are reason alone for following.

The Beauty Fairy.



Wexford mum Sally writes about beauty and lifestyle and reviews/recommends products with real honesty.

Sally covers everything from penneys pieces to high end luxuries and along with posting some great tips. There’s also some great competitions to chance your luck with !

Definately one to follow if you don’t allready.

Dolly Dowsie.




Dolly Dowsie is a lovely parenting and lifestyle blog that covers a little bit of everything from baking to travel along with sharing family life and experiences through Fiona’s beautiful photography. Fiona also shares her weightloss journey in an honest and inspirational manner.

A beautiful blog from a fellow cork mum that you need to be following !

Snap Happy Mammy.




The Snap Happy Mammy blog shares an honest account of parenting while struggling with post natal depression.

Along with writing a heartfelt blog Snap Happy Mammy wants to raise awareness of PND and prevent women from suffering in silence.

This blog will inspire and help those going through pnd or will give you an insight into the life of of a mum suffering with pnd either way it is certainly a must read …

Hope you enjoy , Happy Reading guys !

Xoxo L.


“The Field” by Class Grass Ireland – Toy Review.

If you have a farm mad little one this review is the one for you !

As both mine love to play farm as much as they love to work on the farm this was one product that I knew I had to grab the opportunity to review !

We received The Half Acre field which measures 32 x 44 x 6 cm and is a realistic pasture with a hedge and a lovely wooden farm gate. The field is fantastic to encourage imaginative play and can be enjoyed solo or with friends and is suitable for boys and girls from age 3.

This product requires no assembly and all you need to do when you take it from the box is to ensure you have your paperwork in order. To do this you need to fill in your details in your certificate of title to make sure you are the registered owner of your land !

The obvious use for the field in our house was to house and graze animals along with letting the machinery in now and then to maintain it but the options are endless.

A gymkhana, a playground or an agricultural show are just some of the ways the field could be used depending on the interests of the child who is playing with it.

* For the first few days James took charge of the field claiming it was “very special” to him and showing it to everyone who visited the house ! But little L didn’t mind as when he went to school she would revamp the field. Eventually Lucy was allowed have an input !*

The texture of the grass is quite strong and I wondered would some of the less well bred of “our herd” find it hard to stand but thankfully the cheaper farm animals stood just as well as our more expensive weighty figures.

The Half Acre field (e25. 99) is certainly value for money as it has unlimited potential when it comes to imaginative play and is a product that is well made, durable and will certainly stand the test of time. This is a toy that can grow as the child does and a plot of land can grow to an impressive farm in time !

It is the latest in a collection of eight products ranging in price from e24.99, this I feel is a welcome addition as it puts The Field in budget when it comes to buying a nice gift.

The only fault with the field .. it is so realistic it made our pig pens and sheds look tacky and fake ! Maybe a range of nice wooden pig pens, sheds or stables could be the next addition to this great Irish company’s product range …

After explaining to J how ratings worked to try and get his opinion he stated “the numbers don’t matter , it’s brilliant” – So there you have it, a big hit in our house with children and adults alike.

See full range on http://www.thefield.ie

* Although I was sent this product free of charge in exchange for my views, my photographs and opinions are my own *

My Favourite doTERRA oils and their uses in our everyday life …

If you are on my instagram (@mummymmmm) you’ll have seen I’m a doTERRA essential oil lover !

Despite using oils aromatically for years it wasn’t until I met Ranae from Von Essentials a year ago that I realised that I was using unpure oils and just how powerful these doTERRA oils could be when used in the three ways mentioned below.

Since then I’ve learned alot ( but have so much more to learn) and not only have doTERRA oils become a big part of my life but they also now play a big part in the lives of of my family members.

* J holding the Aromatouch and Deep Blue used to eliminate his aches and pains *

What are essential oils ?

If you have ever chopped wood or inhaled the scent if a flower you’ve experienced aromatic qualities of essential oils.

These natural aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Not only do essential oils give plants their unique smells, essential oils protect plants and play a role in plant pollination. For many years essential oils have been used in food preparation, beauty treatments, and in healthcare.

How do I use the oils ?

You can use essential three different ways ;

Aromatically; This is probably the most common way to use essential oils and where most oil lovers begin their journey! Aromatically you can freshen the air , open airways and boost your mood and emotional well being .

Topically; Apply to the sole of the foot or affected areas to target specific needs.

Internally; some doTERRA oils are safe to injest in water or in a veggie caps and can be very beneficial to both physical and mental health.

DO NOT EVER INJEST ANY OTHER BRAND OF ESSENTIAL OILS( see why below) and make sure you read read the labels and /or seek advice as to what doTERRA oils are safe to injest.

Why doTERRA ?

doTERRA OILS are guaranteed 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and there is no pesticides, dilution or additives used.

Did you you know to to be classed as a “pure” oil there is only a requirement to have a very small percentage of pure oil in every bottle and the rest can be made made up of nasty additives.

This is why you are not able to injest any of these oils. Now I don’t know about you but I feel a “pure” essential oil should should be a 100% and it is comforting to know this is the case with doTERRA.

Eleven different tests tests are carried out on each oil and there is is a serial number on each bottle that you can trace.

doTERRA oils are sourced where the plants grow naturally to ensure the highest possible potency and they are also sourced directly from the farmers who doTERRA work with to build the community.

So not only are you using safe, good quality oils they are also ethically sourced.

*Little L totally relaxed after receiving an Aromatouch technique*


Melaleuca is the most used oil in our house as I apply it to the kids almost every day ( the days they go on playdates or preschool !) in order to keep head lice at bay.

As a mum I have many worries and fears and even though it sounds trivial headlice is one of my greatest fears …. you see its not that I’m afraid for the kids I’m afraid for my self !!

Whose going to fine comb my thick head of mid length hair should those buggers hitch a ride onto my scalp! So far J has put down two years in preschool and escaped despite many “warning notes” coming home ! I use the roller bottle as it is ideal to get around the curves of the ears etc ! but before buying it allready diluted I used to massage in a few drops over over a fractionated coconut oil Base.


This is one of my personal favourites… I cannot get enough of this uplifting citrisy scent ! It cheers me up the minute I get the aroma …

Here’s just some of the ways I use it ;

  • To clean my shower, I use just a couple of drops of lemongrass on a sponge to give a streak free clean on my shower doors and my bathroom smells amazing afterwards !
  • To remove marker stains from my oak table. With two preschoolers colouring inside the lines can be hit and miss !
  • I use Lemongrass to freshen my laundry by drying out a clean water wipe and adding a few drops before popping it in the dryer ( this can be done with any essential oil that appeals to you )with the clothes.
  • I have also discovered when toilet training the kids that this is great to clean and deodourise car seats , matresses etc after any accidents ! Just put a few drops in hot water and scrub.
  • I also team lemongrass with Melaleuca to mop my floors. If you have dogs or more specifically puppies you should know alot of cleaning supplies will not sufficiently eliminate the odour as your dog’s sense of smell is much better than yours, that along with the fact that they contain ammonia can actually draw your dog back to the same spot to re offend as one of the compounds excreted in urine is ammonia.

Wild Orange

I’m a massive lover of all things orange so it’s no surprise that I love this wild orange oil.

Wild Orange is aromatically uplifting and when taken internally is also cleansing. Along with diffusing wild orange I pop a few drops in my water to encourage me to drink more and I also use it in my baking .


Aromatically this is superb to awaken the senses and clear your airways if conjested but for me it is a godsend to banish headaches, I rarely buy painkillers or have medicines in the house (I’m not anti traditional medicine but try to keep our use to a minimum) so it’s great to have peppermint to hand to ease the ache.

I find I need to dilute with plenty fractionated coconut oil (as it is quite a powerfull oil) when applying to the nape of my neck and to my temples. Within Minutes I Feel So Much Better !

Along with being amazing for conjestion and headaches Peppermint can aid arthritic pain by adding it to your bathwater it is also great for nausea.


Another of my personal favourites …

From a young age I’ve loved lavander, it started when my aunt gave me a gift of a little doll to hang in my wardrobe with a dried lavander filled butt under a frilly dress to keep my clothes smelling fresh!

This oil is by far my favourite to diffuse and I rarely combine it with another but if if do its with either lemongrass or balance.

Lavender has been used and cherished for In ancient times, the Egyptians and Romans used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking, and as a perfume.

Applied topically, Lavender is frequently used to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. I often add a drop to my moisturiser or apply with fractionated coconut oil to dry skin.

You can add a few drops of lavender to bath water to soak away stress or apply to the temples and the back of the neck.

To ensure you get a restful night’s sleep add a few drops of Lavender to pillows, bedding, or bottoms of feet to relax.

I haven’t tried it yet but to ease anxious feelings you can add a few drops to your drinking water also.


Up until yesterday this had been sitting with the other oils feeling unloved ! I bought this on recommendation from Ranae ( Von Essentials ) as an important one to have to hand for when tumbles and bumps occur to prevent bruising !

Luckily as mad as my two are we have had very few, In fact almost no falls or incidents, but yesterday my dad’s collie got so excited when little L was around that that he knocked her over and she bumped her forehead when she fell in the yard – 48hrs later after applying fennel there is just a scratch and bruising is virtually non existent just a slight yellow hue…we skipped the black and blue!

Fennel is best known for its distinct licorice aroma and taste but also for its ability to boost milk supply in breast feeding mums , to support healthy respiratory function and to support healthy digestion.

Fennel can also be used to help fight sweet tooth cravings by putting a drop of Fennel in your water /tea or under your tongue. I’ve yet to try this but but I must !

doTERRA Blends I love.


Now this amazing oil has gotten alot of use in the past months as both kids kids but especially little L have been quite stuffed up.

Along with diffusing in her bedroom I applied it topically to her chest with FCO to clear her airways.

Breathe is a blend of Laurel, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Lemon,Cardamom,Ravinstara and Ravenscar.

It can also help ease difficulty in breathing brought on by stress and/or anxiety and also promotes sleep and relaxation.

I ran out of Breathe when L was conjested and I wont let that happen again as I gave three nights in and out to a very unsettled girl while I awaited the delivery. This is certainly a oil every family needs to have in stock at all times.


Balance is my go goto oil when I feel a little stressed ! I pop a drop or two in the palm of my hands and inhale with deep breaths to ground me , I also diffuse this before bed if ive had a stressful day.

Balance is made up of Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile and Osmanthus. Balance is a powerful combination of amazing oils designed to promote harmony in the mind and body and help balance emotions.

For those moments when you just need time to relax and recharge, add a couple drops of doTERRA Balance with some Epsom salts to your bath water. You will love how it envokes feelings of balance and tranquility.

Deep Blue and Aromatouch

Deep Blue

Deep Blue is an amazing blend of Wintergreen, Camphor,Peppermint, Ylang-ylang,Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, German Chamomile and Osmanthus that can can be used to combat sore muscles after exercise, aches from strenuous physical work, growing pains in kids, period pain, arthritis and so much more.


Aromatouch is a blend made up up of Cypress,Peppermint,Marjoram, Basil,Grapefruit and Lavender that has comforting and relaxing effects, lessens tension and adds an aromatic experience to a soothing massage.

By combining Aromatouch and Deep Blue you get amazing results.

doTERRA Deep Blue rub although not not an oil persay contains deep blue and and is basically a natural alternative to deep deep heat and simular products deserves as I’m mention as it is just amazing ! This is is the product that convinced Mr Mmmm just how powerful essential oils are!

I hope you enjoyed this post and now have an idea just how amazing these oils are and this is only the tip of of the iceberg ! There is literally an oil for everything .

If you would like to know more about anything I’ve mentioned, would like to learn more, have a general question or want to purchase some oils you can check out my Facebook page Everyday Essentials.


Xoxo L.

“Hip Mums Relax” – All mums should !

So those of you who follow me on instagram and Facebook will know that I was invited to Vivienne Kerrigans Hip Mums Relax “Sanity Saving Workshop” last saturday and I have been dying to tell you all about it since !

I met Vivienne briefly at Constance Halls meet and greet last year in Dublin and like all good Queens do we have been supporting each other since and interacting with each other through our pages.

As someone who is very open to alternative therapies I found what Vivienne does to be intriguing and jumped at the chance to experience it for myself.

By combining hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Vivienne ensures you leave the workshop relaxed and recharged with the tools to “Save your sanity” while leading a busy life and dealing with the natural stresses of motherhood.

During the last year I’ve learned that there is one thing that all us mums have in common and that is the desire to be the best mums we can be for our little ones. One of the things that can put a spanner in the works is “mammy guilt”. Mammy Guilt something that doesn’t discriminate against class, age or social standing .. it gets us all !

This (amoungst other topics) are dealt with during the workshop.

Vivienne invites you to turn your “worry go round ” into the merry go round it once was !

From the minute we arrived in the castle knock Hotel I felt completely at ease and welcome ( despite being ten minutes late after going askew !) We popped on our cosy socks and snuggled down and settled in as we chatted before the relaxation or “Tranz” stage started.

Vivienne chats with you as opposed to taking at you and you get the feeling you are amoung friends instantly.

She explains that although you are hypnotised you are fully in control and won’t do anything daft like dance around or divulge the family secrets as this can be a worry for some.

As I mentioned above I’m very much open to the alternative and went in with an open mind and heart which I think is a must therefore I had an amazing experience as a result .

I did at one point wonder when was I going to hit the tranz and that’s the last thing I remember going through my head before I went deep into relaxation.

This really has to be experienced but I’ll try my best to describe how amazing it was for me …

I was so relaxed that I actually zoned out Vivienne’s voice and my mind cleared completely. Not a single thought was going through my head and when I came round I felt it had been simular to being asleep, but even better, as even when you are asleep your mind is still in overdrive.

I was so relaxed and chilled out that you could say or do anything and I wouldn’t get worked up !

After the tranz we worked on triggers, how we saw ourselves and how to deal with and deminish the guilt after getting stressed or losing your cool. It was amazing how things that would normally peeve me just thinking of them now seemed a almost trivial.

*Myself and Vivienne post workshop..note the gormless /chilled face on me !*

So just how did I feel afterwards and in the past week since the workshop !?

After the work shop I felt amazing, it was a mix of extreme calm and an energised feeling at the same time.

Usually when I travel to Dublin I stay overnight but I couldn’t believe how good I felt after getting up shortly after 5am that morning and not getting home till almost 8pm along with driving the round trip.

I had decided I wasn’t going to write the review until a full week had past so to give a fair review… I mean after a break away from the kids I’m always good for a day or two before the “fun” starts again !

This week was different …..

The one thing that stood out for me was how I actually stopped myself from losing the head or snapping many a time during the week therefore only once did I have to use my trigger and the tools I learnt .

You see now that I have felt this surreal sense of relaxation and calm I really don’t want to be that stress head again if I can avoid it !

I know Mr Mmmm has noticed a difference when he has come in from work in the evenings but I think he’s afraid to mention it ! I really feel so much better and its having a positive effect on all the family .

Us mums do everything for our families and treat our kids and spoil them when we can but we do not treat and look after ourselves enough.

When I look at the price of a massage,clothes, a workshop etc I think of what else could the money be spent on but I ( and most moms) need to invest in our own well being more often than we do after all ….Happy Mam, Happy Fam !

I will certainly be returning to the Hip Mums Sanity Saving Workshop again and I will be suggesting a few of my pals come with me ! I wish I could be hypnotised weekly, life would be epic !

To find out more about Hip Mums Relax and the other courses they run go to;


If you are interested the next workshop is scheduled for June, get more info here ;


And make sure you take a look at the Hip Mums Relax Fb page which you’ll find a link to on the above event page.

If you have any questions be sure to get in touch with either Vivienne or myself.

Xoxo L.

* I was invited free of charge to this workshop but I would have no problem paying to attend as I felt it was well worth the fee, as always my views are honest and 100% my own *

Bliain na nAmhrán Le Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin – Our Review.

Ní rud éigin a roghnódh mé de ghnáth mar is maith liom éisteach Le mo cheol féin sa charr agus i gcoithine is fuath liom éisteach le cds paistí. Tá mé uafásach … Tá fhios agam!

ACH…. Tá an leabhar agus an cd seo go hálainn. Amhrán do gach séasúr le saothar ealaíne Freisin.

Go háirithe Is breá liom an obair ag Brian Fitzgerald ( An Samhradh maisithe ag Brian ) sa leabhar seo, na dathanna agus an teicníc tá said go hiontach.

Cheapaim go bhfuil an beirt ata agamsa ró óg don leabhar seo ach is maith leo é fós.

Although not a fan of children’s music this is a lovely book/cd combo and the music is easy to listen to and quite folky in places.

My two monkeys ages 3 and almost five I felt were too young for this book but enjoyed quite a few of the songs and sang along with the easier choruses. I popped on the cd and gave the book to my niece ( rang a cuig) aged 10 I felt it was more suitable and she enjoyed it alot more ! She of coarse had a lot more comprehension of the lyrics and could translate most of the songs.

An amhrán Is fearr linn… èasca ! Ní maith liom an scoil!

Ní maith liom an scoil! This song brought a smile to all our faces as we listened to it and was an easy favourite. The kids got a great kick out of the thought of a teacher not wanting to go go back to school after the summer holidays and I loved the subtle punk feel to the music !!!

Na amhrán is fearr le na paistí óg… Cá Cá Cá.

This is catchy tune was the one that the smallies really took to straight away. A simple song about crows in love ! The lyrics are straightforward and the chorus is simple and repetitive which made it easy to follow and sing along to.

I really loved An Bèar Bán Bronach, the lyrics really hit me as an animal lover , it tells of a sad polar bear in the zoo trapped in the wrong environment on a hot day surrounded by people watching him.

This book is beautifully illustrated and the songs cover a range of topics that are educational to young children. This book would be a lovely addition to a family book shelf or library but is a must for any primary school teacher.

This would be a lovely gift for any child but especially a child that has an interest in music.

I hope you enjoyed this review agus Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Dhaoibh!

If you would like a copy of this book head over to http://www.futafata.ie where you can purchase it along with many other superb books in our native tongue.

Xoxo L

* I received this copy of “Bliain na nAmhrán gratefully from Futa fata but as always my opinions are genuine and my own *

Mothers Day without Mum.

* Described always as “a lady” by all who knew her .. my mum *

Mothers Day is a day to show your mother how much much she means to you and just how much you appreciate and love her.

we should do so of course more than once a year but often feelings go unspoken as we go about daily life and in a manner that is only human we take many things including those dear to us for granted. It is equally as nice to be on the receiving end of the attention I’m sure many will agree !

Unfortunately mothers day is like the most beautiful rose… it is a symbol of love and can bring so much joy to many but also has the capability of inflicting pain and hurt on others.

For women who long to be mothers and are not , for women who have miscarried, lost young babies or children and for those who have lost their own mothers or are not in contact with them this celebration can be simply heart breaking.

I, although extremely lucky to have two beautiful children fall into the catagory of having lost my own mother.

* mammy and I , Fota Wildlife Park , 1983*

Everybody is different of course but for me before I became a mum it was a little easier to pretend that it wasn’t happening, I didn’t even have to think so much about “avoiding” the fuss of mothers day as my life was on a different track naturally to the one it’s on now!

Having kids of my own really changed my perception of my mum and mums in general, I genuinely had no idea the sacrifices mothers made for their children, just how strong a mothers love is for their child and how you would literally do anything for them. I also thought to be a sahm would be to live the dream….. I was so clueless to just what was involved and how physically and mentally exhausting it could be on occasion.

From the start of this week I was getting snippets of chat from the kids that indicated the art work was being prepared to come home on Friday, in the past few days I have been avoiding card stands as I’m a sook for “a nice verse” as my great gran aunt would put it at the best of times but were I to glance at a nice card this week in particular the flood gates could open.

I found myself with nice mugs , treat tins and various mothers day nik nacks in my hands frozen in the moment… thinking if she were with us now what would I pick for my mum.

What kind of a mothers day would my sisters and I give my mum now that we are adults (and I just three years younger than the age at which her life was taken from her) and I’ll be honest I felt hard done by and just angry ….

* On Somerton Rd early 82′ just a couple of months old with mammy *

I’m sure anger, sorrow and heartbreak are common amoung other emotions for the people mentioned above and the thought that life is “not fair” (as childish as that phrase sounds) is one that certainly crosses my mind more than sporadically.

Life in many ways isn’t fair but I’m well aware of just how lucky I am in so many other areas of life and try to push past the sadness that filters in slowly during the lead up birthdays, anniversaries and key moments throughout my life.

In particular I am so lucky to still have my grandad at almost 85, my everything. A strong , brave , open minded gentleman with so many redeeming qualities I couldn’t list them all ! without him I would not be half the person I am today.

I look at him and wonder where he found and still finds the strength after losing a child ( and his wife less than a month later ), just how did he go on ….

I am fully aware he still finds his loss a bitter pill to swallow as he has said more than once that burying a child is something no parent should have to do and in my experience the people who say time can heal are not on the same wavelength as me .

*Mammy and Grandad enjoying the sun abroad just two years before she past *

Amidst the sorrowful thoughts and tears I think of the happy memories… the smell of home baking in our kitchen growing up, the beautiful home cooked foods , the magical Christmas mornings, the city girl minding a gap or feeding an orphan lamb on her lap with an old baby bottle and the joy that a simplistic but loving upbringing gave us and those thoughts bring a smile to my face.

I am truly grateful for those years I had as not many are as lucky.

However you approach mothers day or whatever your situation I send you loving energy .

Remember whether you love it, loathe it or are impartial it’ll all be over in the blink of an eye, until next year !

Xoxo L.

The Big Snow, Spring 2018 – what I learnt !

Not another snow post I hear you say !

I promise this is the last … come on we have to give it a good farewell as we have just lived through an unprecedented event in Irish history and its unlikely to happen again in our lifetime ..right ? Or is this all part of global warming….

OK ok I admit it I thought everyone was overreacting, in fact I may have used a few choice words to describe the bread hoarders when I went to get a few bits and the shelves were bare ( I was too lazy to do a full shop) but there was only one solution I’d have to get baking when I got home.

I bought a few ltrs of milk, 2 Cadbury spring editions, a packet of penguins and two pizzas. Hardly survival supplies but enough to see me through a day or two !

You see I was fully convinced I’d be going to town on Wednesday for my mum/son day out but mother nature really loves to piss me off ( storm ophelia messed up my first child free trip in two years ) and totally underestimated how much chocolate a woman housebound with two preschoolers would ” need”.

In life everything is a lesson! So what did I learn as a result of bring snowed in for almost 6 days ?

There really us something to be said for this slow living malarkey

Most of the nation was forced to escape the rat race for a few days and we stepped of the rollercoaster for almost 6, It was the longest we had spent together as a family in a long time. We overdosed on arts and crafts, built the obligitory snowman , had a few walks together, I read books both theirs and mine ,Mr Mmmm and J had marathon lego sessions and we ate all three meals together as a family each day. The kids got on extremely well together and their was no deadlines for anything …pure bliss ( well most of the time anyway !)

My children never tire of pasta !

Due to the lack of a weekly shop being done after two days we ran out of meat and pretty much everything else … Pasta it is then for at least one meal each day for the nxt four days ! When I ran out of sauce and tinned tomatoes they even had it in soup.

Yet the first day out and the first with more choices on the menu I ask the gruesome twosome what they’d like for dinner … you guessed it …. pasta !

Despite the cupboards being bare I had enough good to keep us going for a week to ten days.

Its amazing what you can conjure up when you need to and had necessity drove them to it I’m sure the kids would’ve eaten the tinned tuna !!! We are all guilty of having food in the carousel that’s never used ignored week after week as we opt for something quick and easy! I cleared my cupboards out….. goodbye food from 2016! and my fridge got got a good clean too – result !

* It hasn’t been this clean since the day we bought it ! *

Skills and activities that were the norm in times gone by that many had given up on were revisited.

Despite the bread crisis there was plenty of flour, Marge etc on the shelves of our local shops and many rolled up their sleeves and got baking. There was probably more soda breads baked in the last week than there was in the last decade !!!

I used to bake alot before the kids came along, I baked/cooked because I enjoyed it but these days I see it just another mess to clean up despite the fabulous fruits of my labours.

when looking in my baking drawer I spotted some dried yeast, thought of the amazing iced buns my mum used to make and with a little help from Google I got going on reliving my youth.

With every bite happy memories came flooding in. Visions of my mum doing what she loved to do, up to her elbows in flour, my sisters and I peeking under the tea towel covering the bowl of mixture that sat by the fire to see if it had risen yet and what seemed the never ending wait for the buns to cool and the icing to set.

Anticipating the spring snow many people gathered wood and stored it near their homes , we cooked popcorn in the pot as opposed to the microwave , there was a pot of water on my stove when the power outed ( no man nor beast from the east was preventing me having a cuppa ), people checked in on their neighbours and with people actually not working there was alot more physical presence around where we lived which in itself was nice.

Never underestimate how much chocolate a woman confined to her home with her partner and two preschoolers can go through!

This one is pretty self explanatory … despite all the wonderous moments we had as a family during the 6 days there was of course times when the kids and himself drove me to distraction and that’s when comfort food came in ! It seems I’m not alone in that I ate far more than normal during the big snow but not only that but with the kids around me constantly I couldn’t hide and had to share my stash ….aaaaaggghhhh!!! I will never make a mistake like this again.

Arts and crafts are highly therapeutic

Some people are good at role play, some jigsaws, others lego but for me arts and crafts is my thing. I realised despite being involved with the kids and constantly hovering and helping with their creations I never actually have sat down for a whole session or tookpart in the crafting myself and during snowmageden I did just that and found it very relaxing !

While I pride myself on my ability to remain calm and manage in general without electricity I realised how much I appreciate my electric blanket!

We were only without electricity for 24hrs but what what a night that was Bbbbrrrrrrrr !

We are very lucky to have gas so cooking here wasn’t a problem but there was a period where the cold had stopped the gas flow so I heated lasangne and boiled water on my stove in the sittjng room. My candles prepped , the fire loaded up and my book to hand things were fab…. until it was bedtime. Stepping into the hall and bedrooms was like stepping off a plane in siberia.

My suggestions of bringing the matresses up to the sitting room were laughed at so I headed to bed in 2 longsleeved tops, a wolly jumper , fleece pj bottoms and big socks ! I was frozen!!!!! I survived the night ….just but I will never take my leccy blanket for granted again !

*Our dog house aka garden ornament under feet of snow don’t worry the girls wouldn’t even go out to pee!*

How was your experience of the big snow ? What did you learn from it I’d love to know !

Also If You Fancy Giving the yeast buns a bash here is where I got the recipie ;



Xoxo L.

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