Amazing Mumpretreneurs. Part 1.

A few months ago while attending Constance Hall’s meet and greet I was lucky enough to meet many amazing women and Ranae was  one of them. I like to think I’m a good judge of character as I have amazing friends most of whom are long term legends but sometimes I’m drawn to people and it was a tag team effort I think as I was drawn to Ranae and her beautiful daughter Ava equally !

We didn’t get to chat much that day but as you do we connected on facebook and began to get to know each other a little more, I told her of my FB blog page and she directed me to her page Von Essentials.

I have always been interested in oils but apart from burning the odd time I didn’t really know much about them. I learnt alot from the page and then messaged her about the way I had been feeling in recent times and explained I’d rather not go down the traditional chemical medicine route and asked for some advice. The advice she gave me and the oils and supplements she advised were amazing but I’ve a whole other post on that !

What I loved about Ranae was that at no point did I feel she was being pushy or “sales man ” like, instead she thrived on sharing her knowledge in the hope of helping me which I found very refreshing .

The fact that I ceased trading last year following the inability to do it all really made me admire the mumtrepreneurs out there. These women are mums, partners and so much more and manage to keep all the balls in the air, so when I decided to do a series featuring amazing women Ranae was one of the first I thought of .

I hope you enjoy the interview with Ranae and check out Von essentials.

Xoxo L.

This fantastic face book page is where Ranae posts informative live posts and shares tips and information to enable you get the very most you can out of your oils for you and your family.

Ranae von Meding – Von Essentials.


* L>R ; Ranae , Audrey and Ava.*

Tell me a little about yourself .. Not the mum or business woman just you .

My name is Ranae and I’ll be 30 this year. I have a wonderful Wife Audrey. We met because we both started out in theatre, she as a stage manager and I as an actress and singer. We did reciprocal IVF in 2015 (we used her eggs and I carried!) and now have an almost 1 year old daughter Ava. I am a Libra, on the cusp of Scorpio which definitely shows sometimes. We live in Dublin City. I’m originally from Chicago but we moved here when I was 4 so I have dual nationality. I can be either when it suits me:) Aside from the theatre, things I love are; Horses and Riding. Swimming. Being outside generally. Travelling. Reading. Box sets. Kids. Any animal of any kind. Being obsessively clean. I am a definite Type A personality!

What is the nature of your business and the service you provide?

I started up my own Natural Health Business after the birth of our daughter Ava. It’s called Von Essentials and I teach people about doTERRA essential oils. My work involves networking, education, troubleshooting and just getting to know my clients and what their own physical and emotional needs are and give ideas of what could help.

What do you find the most challenging about being a mumpretreneur?

Finding the blocks of time needed to get any admin work done of being on the computer. Getting out and about is fine with Ava, but for some reason she doesn’t want me to be on the computer when I should be entertaining her? 🙂

What stage is your business at and what are your plans/ hopes for the future?

This is still my 1st year in business but I am very driven and hope to be creating an income from it by the end of the year. Then eventually the hope would be that Audrey could come on board and help me run the business when it grows to the stage where I can’t do it alone any more.


Tell me a little about your family and how you find a work / family time balance?

Audrey works pretty much full time as a stage manager in Dublin. Technically she is freelance, although it usually works out that she has quite a few jobs lined up. While this is wonderful, it is hard as she has to be away from home. It’s hard on her having to be away for most of the day. So we try to have at least a half hour in the evenings when Audrey gets to do a bath for Ava or just have some fun play time. It’s important to snatch any moments that you can together as a family. Also, I’m starting to do a child swap weekly with a family member which is working out so well. I take hers on one day, and she takes Ava another day. This is something I would highly recommend. Even if you don’t need the time to do ‘work’, it’s still precious time where you can just be you and not feel guilty about it either. It’s a win/win.

Without whom could you not do this without the help of?


Audrey. She is so understanding about my business and does everything she can to help me succeed. She can also see the potential and so is excited to watch it grow.

What advice would you have to give to any mums thinking of starting a business?

Do something that you LOVE. If you don’t love your product, or service or blog or whatever else your business is about, then when it gets tough, as of course it will, you will just want to throw the towel in. Of course, you’ll still want to throw the towel in, but at least if you love what it is that you sell or do, you will want to keep going… simply for the love of it.

Have you any additional thoughts on this topic that you would like to share on this subject ?

GO FOR IT! It is so hard, but truly satisfying to work for yourself. I have seen so many mums in the same business as me who have created something wonderful for their families. Financial freedom and in the process, having a knock on effect on other families. It is definitely achievable. Surround yourself with positivity because negativity will kill a business before it’s started.

Ranae x


Ranae von Meding – 085-7212669

“Von Essentials. Natural health through essential oils.”










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