Amazing Mumpretreneurs. Part 2.

When the idea of a series celebrating mumpretreneurs came to me the first person who popped into my head was Elaine. We have been friends for roughly 20 years and we have literally grown together sharing some amazing experiences along the way !

we met as pony mad teens and became fast and firm friends, never in each other’s pockets but always there for each other when needed but since we had our boys just 3 months apart four years ago we’ve become closer than ever as it’s invaluable as a mother to have a friend who you can be completely honest about your feelings with and share a carriage on the rollercoaster that is motherhood.

When Elaine started her business Specialist Pain Relief I knew she would make a success of it as even from a young age she was a hard worker, extremely passionate about her interests and threw herself into every project she took on 110% over the years and I was not mistaken. I’m lucky not to have had to call on Elaine in a professional manner but am confident that when the day comes that I need her she’ll sort me right out 🙂

I hope you enjoy the interview with Elaine and check out Specialist Pain Relief.

Xoxo L.


This fantastic facebook page is where you will find super testimonials to Elaine and her work , useful information , interesting articles and information on clinics and booking.

Elaine Mackey – Specialist Pain Relief.


* L>R  Ross, Michael and Elaine *

Tell me a little about yourself .. Not the mum or business woman just you ?

I am kind, intuitive and loyal. In my best possible attitude I’m happy, content, calm and organized. I love to work and to be physically active. Last year, Ross the father of my child and I married. In the same year, we renovated and settled into our own home with Michael and our dogs. Before that, I can boast 42 rental address. Being on the move is natural to me. I like a busy life. My passions include a love of horses & the visual arts.


What is the nature of your business and the service you provide ?

The nature of my business is to reduce, remove and help people manage their chronic nerve pain. I try to get clients out of the acute pain phase through muscle manipulation and skeletal realignment. I am a Neuromuscular & Physical therapist, Reiki energy healer and an academically trained artist. Specialist Pain Relief is the name of my business. In a practical sense, I see myself as a mechanical engineer for the body. I thrive on complicated trauma & injury cases. Rehabilitating my client’s bodies, limbs back to a functional base through postural realignment and skeletal resets is SPR’s focus area of expertise.
A major part of my service is consultation. I inform new client’s that their presenting pain issue is just scratching the surface of the healing process we will initiate. The results we will get will require remembering their history of pain and injury in their body. Often I would use the metaphor of an archaeologist to describe how I approach the physical assessment process. The more I can gather of client history, the deeper I can track injury to relieve stress in the body as a whole, in a way that is sensitive, balanced and safe.
Looking at the whole person while specifically separating pain, emotional and physical is part of the experience of getting well through physical pain relief. SPR is a client focused and confidential. We look at root causes of pain issues.

As a mum and entrepreneur who had to call time on my own business I know that keeping all the balls in the air can be challenging . What do you find the most challenging about being a mumpretreneur ?

Becoming self-employed four years ago was one of the best and most challenging opportunities I pursued. As a highly independent personality I feared that being a full-time mom would isolate me from society and from who I was. I needed the security of earning my own wage, however small to keep my anxiety and frustration away and keep me from feeling compromised by my role as a mother. As a mumpretreneur I find not having as much time as I would like to work. Being a mum is my priority. The happiness and health of my family is paramount.


Tell me a little about your family and how you find a work / family time balance ?

Being self –employed requires commitment, finding that time to balance everything means that getting up early is my staple diet as is being asleep for 9pm. It can be very hard to keep motivated at times. Having to put my family first sometimes can feel like business suicide and its hard to trust that everything will be ok

Without whom could you not do this without the help of ?

My mother. Without a shadow of a doubt, there would have been no way in this world that I achieved what I did without the unfailing support of Patricia. Not for one second would it have been possible to get the time or money to go to work. She is Michael’s grandmother but I joke with my parents that actually we share-rare my son! I have always had huge support from my family, my father, and brothers. From business plans to prints outs, baby sitting and bodies to practice on. I’m very lucky and I know it.
My husband is also very supportive and believes that what I do is valuable to other people, so when I feel like giving into the pressures of motherhood or feel overloaded with the burdens of the business, he is slow to agree that it would be the best for everyone involved if I gave it up. Support is key.


What advice would you have to give to any mums thinking of starting a business ?

If you have a talent or gift that you think maybe a good business venture, start planning. Do a start your own business course, structure your support system and get professional help. Becoming a millionaire from being self-employed when it is a solo venture is probably slim. Be realistic. Set your goals. Identify the strengths and weakness of your situation. Do your market research. If it materializes then be prepared to learn to separate your desires. Keep focused and give it a shot. Be prepared to fail but be open to success. Be brave, it can be very stressful trying to micro manage home and career but the satisfaction I gain out of making a real positive difference to my clients quality of life gives me a huge uplift. The best thing about being your own boss or having a small business means that you can work it around your families needs. Having a few bob well earned goes a long way in establishing positive self-esteem, something that can all too easily disappear with motherhood.

X Elaine.

Elaine Mackey -Specialist Pain Relief

(087) 273 1479



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