Decorating childrens bedrooms – Basic not Boring !

Before the kids arrived we had two decorated spare bedrooms downstairs along with our own and we have always had an open house and enjoyed a party or two in our time ;-).

We do have two large bedrooms upstairs but they are basically a dumping ground for the time being so at the moment we have no spare bedroom as the gruesome twosome have a room each. So basically if we’ve someone to stay they have to take over one of the kids rooms , that’s why when I was decorating little L’s room it was at the back of my mind that it had to be child and visitor friendly !

When planning the rooms I kept everything simple and cost effective as at ages 2 and 4 the chances are I will be redecorating a few more times before they leave the nest !

Here are my tips for decorating children’s bedrooms in a way that they can be transformed into guest rooms or upgraded as the child ages with minimal effort !

when picking a paint colour , humour the child but don’t pick a colour you as an adult can’t imagine on your bedroom walls.


For J’s I chose a strong blue and L’s a dusky pink and even though when themed with character bedding and fun posters etc they are perfectly suited to a child’s bedroom they are equally suitable with different soft furnishings for a teen /adults room.


Invest in a few large photo/ poster frames.

we all are guilty of destroying paint work plastering posters all over our walls pre teens and further on but in order to preserve your walls invest in a few frames and fill them with posters from kids mags or like I’ve done sample pieces from wallpaper shops or your local DIY store. When I decorated J’s room he was eating , drinking and literally sleeping Mickey Mouse so when that phase ended and we entered the world of marvel all I had to do was update my wallpaper samples in the frames.  I also changed the duvet covers and hey presto the room went from a toddlers room to a ” big boys” room ! No stress involved !



Purchase neutral curtains. 

Curtains can be the greatest cost when decorating a house so getting value for money from your curtains to me is very important . Again for J’s room basic blue black out curtains from Homestore and More (these were just e99 a set and are amazing !) were chosen and little L’s were inexpensive at just short of e70 ( not blackouts but she’s a great girl to sleep like her momma) and are lovely pastel cream, lilac and pink striped curtains also from Homestore and More. Both these sets of curtains will easily see the gruesome twosome into teens and likely into their twenties and if a visitor happens to have to use their bedroom won’t have to awake to chaotic character curtains !


Up cycle Accessories/ fixtures to suit your colour scheme / theme.

Using little tester pots of paint I (for just a couple of euro) matched up shelves, photo frames even thumbtacks to the colour scheme I had chosen.

With J’s room I was lucky I found shelving on in the ideal blue colours I was looking for at a great price but for L’s room I couldn’t find what I wanted so bought the same shelves in white and painted them to suit.

I also grabbed two frames for just e3 each in a discount store and gave them a coat of the tester tub paint , I went as far as even giving a few thumbtacks a coat of paint to hang a few bits up with , I did this by sticking the tacks in a stale slice of bread, painting them and removing when dry !!!

Hang onto your child’s cot or cot bed mattress.

This can be useful for when visitors arrive, siblings can camp out with each other in the one room but also if you have the space you can make a cool reading corner with just the mattress and a colourful sheet and some cushions!


* Picture from google images *

Only Books and Bears in bedrooms !


Our sunroom is our playroom as such and I try to keep the madness and masses of toys to that room (with a slight overspill to the kitchen) and if toys make their way to the bedroom by day they have to be brought back well before bedtime. The general rule is that only books and teddy bears are allowed in the bedrooms. There are two reasons for this !

1) It’s enough for us to have to tidy one mess at night without either extra arguments or me ending up doing two more rooms at the end of the day.

2) I feel you get a better nights sleep in a room that is free from clutter and is an open and clear space. On trips to the toilet or to comfort them at night it’s comforting to know neither of us will have to navigate an obstacle course or sustain a Lego related injury !!!

I hope you’ve found at least one useful tip here ! With these tips all you need is a five minute whizz around your child’s bedroom with the Hoover and a clean ” grown up ” duvet cover and you have a guest room sorted without any stress !


Xoxo L.


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