Na Leabhair is breá liom as gaeilge.

Níl ach cùpla focail agam ach tà grà mòr agam don teagna, mar gheall ar seo ba mhaith liom na pàistí ag fàs suas i dteach le beagàn gaeilge. Níl focail ar bith ag Mr Mmmm, mar sin cupla focail as Mo bhèal agus cupla scèal as gaeilge chomh Maith mar ata sè !

I am by no means a gaeilgóir nor will I pretend to be filling my childrens sponge like minds with Irish on a regular basis as I don’t !!! But I like Irish, have a basic understanding and a few so I hope to throw in a few words here and there and introduce Irish to them through a medium that they love … So books it is !!!

Here are some of our favourite books as Gaeilge, enjoy ! Please do give me suggestions of must reads as gaeilge if you have any in the comment box below 😉

Usborne Very First Words in Irish – Na Chèad Fhocail Ghaeilge.

This is a lovely book suitable from 6mths , a sturdy, colourful board book aimed to introduce little ones to first words in Irish. Nicely presented using double pages displaying simple words alongside clear illustrations to suit the chosen subject e.g; animals, clothes , things that go while the last two pages focusing on colours and counting. We read this book in conjunction with the Usborne Irish Flashcards and we love them ! Almost 2 years on this is still a firm favourite of J’s.

My First Word Book in Irish – Usborne Publishing

This is Similar to the book above but with an extra 150 words in Irish to add to your child’s vocabulary , this is a lovely book but for me I feel although targeted at age 2yrs + it is more suited to children of 3/4yrs of age as there is a lot going on in the pages for a toddler . That said it is the perfect progression book from the very first words in Irish Book.

An Choisir – Jc Girbes/ Silvia Ortega

This is a lovely board book from the ‘ag leamh le Caitlin agus Cormac’ series. Cormac celebrates his second birthday and we join the party, count his friends, presents etc. and we are encouraged to count to ten in Irish. Again a firm favourite in our house and a great book for adults who want to read to their children in Irish but may not have a huge grasp of the language themselves.

other titles in the series:

la mor fada (big lond day) , an phicnic (the picnic) and tabhair leat do leabhar (take your book with you).

Published by Leabhar Breac they can be bought at

Macan ag Ithe a Dhinneir – Orianne Lallemand / Elenore Thuillier

This is my favourite series by far !!! Macan is a little wolf who learns all about life from his mammy and daddy. In the series he learns how to use the potty , sleep in his own bed and eat his dinner !!!

In this book macan wants to eat nothing but pasta and refuses to eat his veg Dad finally gets around the little wolf by combing veg and pasta in a tasty lasagne that goes down a treat.

This book has lovely wipe clean laminated style pages that are ideal for the transition from board books to paper pages. The illustrations are fantastic and I love the beautiful one of mammy wolf baby wearing when out walking !

There is a humorous side to the tales of macan as they play out many scenes that occur in real life and I felt both myself and the kids related to many a scene in the stories.

Ag an gCarnabhal – Enric Lluch / Pablo Tambuscio

Alastar visits the carnival and sees a lot of goodies but he cant have everything he wants …. or can he ? Unfortunately for Alastar his desires outnumber the amount of hands he has and he leaves the carnival empty handed after learning a lesson the hard way. Alastar bocht !!

I really love this book, the left hand side of each double page has just one sentence and the right has a beautiful piece of artwork. I just adore the illustrations in this book they really are exceptional, so bright, lively and expressive.

The text is big and bold and along with being perfect for parents with limited Irish to read to toddlers it is ideal to give youngsters beginning to read confidence.

I will definitely be purchasing more from this series again published by Leabhar Breac.

Pog Mar Seo – Mary Murphy.

In this Beautiful book we learn that no two kisses are the same , we see the giraffe giving gentle kisses and the bees who give buzzy kisses. After reading all about the different types of kisses parent and child animals share we find there is one kiss missing, whose kiss is it ?!!!

This split page book really engages the little ones and gives a few giggles, it would be an ideal gift to give to a young child or new baby.

For more information see ;

Cuairt ar an bhFeirm – Maire Ni Ghallchobhair / Peter Donnelly

This book was a little too advanced for my two ( 3 & 4 ) and is a little more difficult to translate for a parent with basic Irish to understand but hey that’s what google is for ! I purchases it on a whim as the title appealed to me but I had no idea what age group it was aimed at so took a chance online. The Lusai series is aimed at 6-8 year olds and is used as part of many a school curriculum.

The story is quite humorous as Lusai is a bit of a rogue, a lovable one mind! and I could see this series being a big hit with the age group it is targeted to. In this book Lusai and her classmates are brought on a school trip to the farm where Lusai takes pity on a lonely bull and opens the gate !

I really enjoyed this story and will pull it out again in a couple of years !

Yet another Leabhar Breac publication!

Bi ag Spraoi Liom – Sadhbh Devlin / Tarsula Kruse

Luna is a Keen Inventor but has a small problem, her mom is too busy to play with Luna and her time machine. This book really hit a nerve with me as often us parents are so busy trying to keep all the balls in the air we often don’t play with our little ones as much as we ought to. While mum is busy Luna travels Back to a time when Mum was small, thankfully before its too late Mom sees the errors of her ways and enjoys the magic with Luna.

This is a lovely story with amazing illustrations that should be on every child’s book shelf and every adult should read it to be reminded if needed how important it is to put our kids and fun before household chores every now and then !

Published by Futa futa more info@

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our favourite books in the Irish language , I purchased all of these myself and all my opinions are honest and unbiased as always !!! Its just coincidence a lot are from Leabhar Breac but it must be said the service they provide is fantastic and delivery is super speedy !

Xoxo L.

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