Our 5 Favourite Family flicks.

Since the winter crept in the Mmmm household has being having quite a few snuggly movie days and nights ! Of coarse the smalls love loads of movies and have enjoyed lots but when they ask to see it over and over again I know it gets their stamp of approval !

For me movies are a mums dream !! snuggle up, cuddle into cosey blankets, grab the goodies and enjoy an activity that lends itself to silence and peace !!!

Here are our five favourites so be sure to stream or watch any you haven’t already seen over the festive period.

Beauty and the Beast (2017).


This is one I admittedly picked out for myself as I had been waiting to see the new version of the timeless tale all year and I was not disappointed. I don’t need to enlighten anyone on this classics storyline I’m sure ! My only concern with this movie having two pre-schoolers was that maybe the beast would frighten them but ironically the only thing we did have to ffwd was the scene where the wolves attacked Beast, other than that they were quite happy and the beast is actually quite endearing. It doesn’t say much for my taste in men when I tell you I actually found him more attractive than the prince he finally turned into !

This is a beautiful family movie and is a must see if you have not already.


Wreck It Ralph (2012).

wreck it ralf

This one was picked by J himself and he just adores it. The week we got it I was heading away for the night and I let Mr Mmmm to do movie night so I haven’t seen this myself but judging by the amount of times I’ve popped it in the Dvd player since (and according to himself) it is a big hit.

Arcade game character Wreck-it-Ralph is sick of being the bad guy and is fed up of losing to “good guy” Fix-it-Felix and goes about proving he too can be a hero but on his mission he accidently draws a deadly enemy on the entire arcade . Can he make people see him for the softie and good guy he really is ? C’mon its Disney what do you think !!!

Arthur Christmas (2011).

arthur xmas

This is the movie that launched our weekly movie night ! Picked up a few weeks ago for just e4.99 in Dunnes while doing the shopping, this movie doesn’t owe us a penny and is so fab that we’ve all watched it a few times !

we all know each Christmas Santa delivers gifts all over the world but what you didn’t know is that to help him do this amazing job he has a very high tech operation in place, but when disaster strikes and a child is forgotten its up to Santa’s youngest son Arthur to get the toy to the forgotten child before dawn.

With the help of his Gramps (a retired Santa) Arthur uses a more traditional method of bringing joy and shows why he should be the one to wear the red suit on his fathers retirement. Be sure to fit this fantastic movie in over Christmas or if its been a while since you saw it go there again as it’ll be as magical as the first time you saw it .

The Santa Claus(e) (1994).

samta claus

My earliest memory is of going to The Capital cinema in 1986 to see The Santa Clause (Dudley Moore) with my beautiful Nana and my heart warms at the thought of how magical both the film and the venue were.

Despite my best efforts to get the gang into it they didn’t sit it out so we tried this Tim Allen Santa Claus(e) instead and it was a winner with myself and the smalls. It deals with the doubts and questions kids and adults have about the magic of Christmas in a very child friendly manner and is quite humorous too.

Divorced dad Scott has custody of his son (who is reluctant to spend time with him) on Christmas eve . when Santa accidently falls from Scott’s roof and Scott mistakenly accepts the job as the new Santa Clause they are magically transported to the north pole where an elf tells he him must take Santa’s place before next Christmas arrives. Scott thinks he has been dreaming but soon starts to put on weight and grows an inexplicably white beard. Soon he realises all was not a dream and he has a lot of work to do !!!

Another must see this festive period.

Pete’s Dragon (2016).


This is the most fantastic film I’ve seen in a long time and was not only loved by our family but by all who watched with my smalls including my sister and aunt.  Again I wondered would it frighten my two but this dragon is as beautiful as the dragon in the never-ending story with gentle eyes and a furry coat you would love to wrap yourself in !

When a mysterious 10 year old boy Pete turns up claiming to live with a giant green dragon (after the death of his parents in a car crash near the woods when he was just a toddler)  he is taken in by forest ranger Grace, her partner and her daughter Natalie. They then go about finding out where the boy came from, where he belongs and about this magical dragon who has been taking such good care of Pete .

If you only watch, stream, rent one movie in the coming weeks make sure Pete’s Dragon is it !


I hope you enjoy some of these movies if you haven’t already .

xoxo Laura.




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