The Mmmm Christmas Playlist !

Happy Christmas to you all !

I feel it is officially ok to say that now were in the serious run up to the big day ! I’m sure if you haven’t hosted a gathering or let rip at a party already it’ll all kick off soon and maybe if your putting a playlist together you’ll find some tunes here that you mightn’t already have thought about adding to bulk it up !

Do Let me know your favourites in the comments , of coarse I love the good old faithful tracks but unfortunately as much as I love the Last Christmas/ fairy-tale of New York type hits they can be overplayed !


xoxo L


Run Rudolf Run – Chuck Berry (1958).

Written by Johnny Marks and Marvin Brodie but popularized by Chuck Berry, If you like Johnny B Good you’ll love this 50’s festive tune as it is musically similar !



River – Joni Mitchell (1971).

Although set in Christmas time rather than technically being a Christmas song this magical folk song is a favourite of mine in general but has a beautiful winter/festive feel to it that means it is a must on my list of amazing festive songs. It is taken from the equally amazing album “Blue”.


Oi TO The World- The Vandals (1996).

I must admit I came across the cover of this tune first and although No Doubt do it justice they are just slightly missing a little more edge to compete with The Vandals! This is the title track from the Orange County Punks Christmas album and is an ideal track to get a party started !


Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms (1957).

This has been a favourite of mine since before I ever realised the sheer brilliance of 50’s music and I’ve yet to find a person who doesn’t agree its a super song … Composed by Joseph Careleton Beal and James Ross Boo this is a must on every xmas playlist.



Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt (1953).

well this number needs no introduction and if you’ve ever been to a “good ” Christmas party you’ll have either done the whole Santa Baby routine after a few too many or witnessed someone else doing a rendition of this classic tongue in cheek look at a lady’s extravagant Christmas wish list ! Can you believe Eartha was only just a teenager when she first sang this !!


Mistress For Christmas – AC/DC.

Taken from the 1990’s album The Razors Edge this is not your usual Christmas song and a great one to have on your playlist to rock the party in classic AC/DC style.


Rockin Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee (1958)

Another great festive tune written by Johnny Marks, recorded by Brenda Lee in 1958. By 2008 ( the songs 50th anniversary) the original version had sold over 25 million copies and has been recorded by lots of other artists. Be sure to have this great on your playlist this Christmas !


Little St Nick – The Beach Boys (1964).

Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love (only credited for his efforts after a lawsuit in 1990) for The Beach Boys. The song released on December 9, 1963, and peaked at number 3 on Billboard magazine’s special seasonal weekly Christmas Singles chart. This song puts a bit of a groovy 60’s buzz to your playlist !



Sleighride – The Ronettes (1963).

Sleigh ride , the light orchestra standard was composed by Leroy Anderson, he had the original idea for the piece during a heat wave in July 1946 and finished the work in February 1948.  Since its completion in the 40’s it has been covered by more artists than I have time or space to mention but The Ronettes version is by far my favourites and is also a big hit with the kids !



Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – Christmas All Over Again (1992).

I Felt after the loss of such an amazing musician and writer in October I had to feature this fantastic Christmas song. Some of you might recognise it from Home Alone 2 and I’m certain if you haven’t heard it you will agree its a lovely piece and an ideal song to end the night on if you’d like an alternative to Fairy Tale of New York!


Have a great Christmas xxx



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