Bliain na nAmhrán Le Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin – Our Review.

Ní rud éigin a roghnódh mé de ghnáth mar is maith liom éisteach Le mo cheol féin sa charr agus i gcoithine is fuath liom éisteach le cds paistí. Tá mé uafásach … Tá fhios agam!

ACH…. Tá an leabhar agus an cd seo go hálainn. Amhrán do gach séasúr le saothar ealaíne Freisin.

Go háirithe Is breá liom an obair ag Brian Fitzgerald ( An Samhradh maisithe ag Brian ) sa leabhar seo, na dathanna agus an teicníc tá said go hiontach.

Cheapaim go bhfuil an beirt ata agamsa ró óg don leabhar seo ach is maith leo é fós.

Although not a fan of children’s music this is a lovely book/cd combo and the music is easy to listen to and quite folky in places.

My two monkeys ages 3 and almost five I felt were too young for this book but enjoyed quite a few of the songs and sang along with the easier choruses. I popped on the cd and gave the book to my niece ( rang a cuig) aged 10 I felt it was more suitable and she enjoyed it alot more ! She of coarse had a lot more comprehension of the lyrics and could translate most of the songs.

An amhrán Is fearr linn… èasca ! Ní maith liom an scoil!

Ní maith liom an scoil! This song brought a smile to all our faces as we listened to it and was an easy favourite. The kids got a great kick out of the thought of a teacher not wanting to go go back to school after the summer holidays and I loved the subtle punk feel to the music !!!

Na amhrán is fearr le na paistí óg… Cá Cá Cá.

This is catchy tune was the one that the smallies really took to straight away. A simple song about crows in love ! The lyrics are straightforward and the chorus is simple and repetitive which made it easy to follow and sing along to.

I really loved An Bèar Bán Bronach, the lyrics really hit me as an animal lover , it tells of a sad polar bear in the zoo trapped in the wrong environment on a hot day surrounded by people watching him.

This book is beautifully illustrated and the songs cover a range of topics that are educational to young children. This book would be a lovely addition to a family book shelf or library but is a must for any primary school teacher.

This would be a lovely gift for any child but especially a child that has an interest in music.

I hope you enjoyed this review agus Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Dhaoibh!

If you would like a copy of this book head over to where you can purchase it along with many other superb books in our native tongue.

Xoxo L

* I received this copy of “Bliain na nAmhrán gratefully from Futa fata but as always my opinions are genuine and my own *

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