Today I looked in the mirror and saw myself for the first time in a long time …. It felt so good !

The last few weeks we have been on the lookout for a pony for the kids and the possibility of one for myself should one fall into my lap !

Both Mr Mmmm and myself have never pushed our interests on the kids ( I’ve seen too many pushy pony club mums to go there!) But there’s no denying that it’s lovely that James has the love for farming and Luce seems to be getting the horsey bug !

This morning I was stuck to my bed when a friend rang to say that she might have a pony suitable for the kids and needed some help with a mare and her newborn foal. I hopped out of the bed with such gusto I’m shocked I didn’t do myself an injury !

Those who know me know that horses (and animals in general) were up to two years ago a huge part of my life.

Two years ago my beloved Jane a horse I’d owned for 15 years (and loved since I clapped eyes on her aged 14 ) passed on leaving me without an equine friend for the first time in over 20 years.

That along with me giving up my boarding kennels business to be a stay at home mum meant the animal enthusiast was now “just a mum” with two pet jack Russells !!!

After exiting the bed at the speed of lightning I went to my “work clothes” drawer opened it for the first time in almost two years. The smell of must nearly knocked me! A few drops of wild orange essential oil and a spin in the dryer and my fleece was slapped on my back.

On passing the mirror I stopped, looked and saw “me” for the first time in far too long and it felt good !

I bet no one else gets that excited to see themselves in a regatta fleece !

I dressed Lil Luce and we headed off .. first looking at two groups of horses then heading back to the stables.

While I helped the vet wash out a fantastically protective mare after giving birth just yesterday my little lady had a ball go carting around the yard with my friends daughter and her nephew, learning to poo pick and meeting a few new four legged friends.

Speaking to the vet, reassuring and calming the mare, handling the foal was hardly rocket science but doing again what was once such a huge part of my life made me feel so good.

I felt capable, in my comfort zone and there is no doubt my seratonin levels increased more than they did in a long time !

I have missed my equine therapy and it was so good to be more than “mum” that I certainly won’t be leaving it as long again to kiss a velvety muzzle and inhale that indescribable scent.

I cannot wait to add an equine ( or two!) to our family soon and I am looking forward to sharing this amazing obsession with my little girl !

Xoxo Laura.


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