Fun And Creativity Al Fresco !

Two of my favourite things in life are arts and crafts and nature … so a few weeks back (via my Facebook page) I decided to combine the two and organise a nature walk followed by nature art.

Last year I did the same, we walked a little and collected some of nature’s treasure and returned to the picnic benches to create amazing collages, this year I decided to add paint to the mix !

So this morning a group of us, friends old and new met and headed off with our smallies on a little walk taking in woodland and sea views and collecting various pieces of nature in a range of textures.

We then returned to the picnic benches where the paint, paper and was distributed, the kids used their finds and imaginations to create beautiful work all at their own pace.

I prepped a few of nature’s paintbrushes and we made the others there and then using the tape and twigs and a variety of flowers, seaweed and wild grasses etc.

Shell stamping was great fun and plenty of lovely collages were made also !

The kids I feel really enjoyed the lack of structure and needless to say the picnic afterwards !

We had almost 3 hours of fun on this adventure and all we needed was a roll of electrical tape , some paper and some paint. So go on…. organise one near you or with a group of your friends !

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for more fun events in the coming weeks and months !

Xoxo L.

Here is some of the kids work !

There wasn’t going to be paint without a roller ! My little lady would have none of that !


2 thoughts on “Fun And Creativity Al Fresco !

  1. We all had a great time! I find my boys really like exploring and finding “treasures”, sure didn’t we all when we were small? Unfourtunately, for most of us living in urban areas, there’s little opportunity for exploring and using your imagination. So, today was great, thanks Laura!! x A


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