And just like that I am mother to a 5 year old !

Every year I say the same thing where did those … years go ! Seriously though he’s five !!!! In September I will no longer have two preshoolers and even now he is well and truly a boy.

If you’ve read my birthday posts before you’ll know I have had parties at home and a cake made on request for the gruesome twosome the last five years as I have so many happy memories of my childhood birthdays and I hope they will too.

That said there is more prep gone into one of these parties than I put into my own wedding …fact ! Because it’s so important to me that they have a blast.

I’ll be the first to admit I probably get a little worked up about the idea … this day last week I was going to paint the kitchen and the hall for the big event…

Really … what planet was I on !!! I barely got the normal household tasks done !

It was great that the celebrations fell on a Sunday as I had all day Saturday to get organised and to make the cake .. this year’s request was batman so we hit Google images and J picked exactly what he wanted , thankfully one of the easier ones too.

For the actual cake I used Pearl Mc Gillicuddy’s all in one bun recipe which I doubled and added 4/5 drops of doTERRA Lime essential oil.

and the BBC good food recipe for cream cheese icing but instead of the orange juice I added 4 drops of doTERRA Lime essential oil.

To decorate I follow my picture from Google images and I started as I always do by tracing round the tin on paper and cut out so I know the dimensions I’m working with.

I generally draw the patterns free hand but you could always print a colouring sheet of your child’s favourite characters and work from there, some obviously are easier than others and this batman symbol cake was one of the easier ones !

I first covered the cake with the base colour you can use marmalade, jam or as I did edible glue to stick the pre packed icing on, I then rolled out and made the belt part of the cake.Then using an oval serving dish I had I cut and placed the yellow badge on top.

Next up was the bat sign ! I traced the same oval but took about 2cms off the edges to make a smaller oval. I then used an egg cup and a knife to cut the curves and ultimately make the bat shape !

After that was whacked on I was done !! Definately alot easier than my previous efforts (the two tractors being the hardest !).

Now he’s five of coarse his independence has shot through the roof so he had to cut the cake ! Each year the party and the guest list grows I’m allready dreading the numbers next year when “big school” has started ! We had a lovely day celebrating with family and friends who were so generous and thought full when it came to gifts.

Its safe to say we have enough lego to entertain an army of children and that’s only the new sets I’m talking about !

In his element ! Isn’t that what it’s all about ! That smile ….

* Little miss refused to be in the “family” picture ! *

All over for another year …

Xoxo L.

To see last year’s minion cake and how I made it click here !

And little L’s unicorn cake …


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