A man may be marvelous but it’s always the mighty who keep the show on the road ….a house is only a home when the lady of it is at her best !

Whoooah what a week … so after ever so cockily celebrating the exit of sickness from our house after a loooong winter, thinking to myself

The weather has changed for the better… this is it now a fun, healthy and energetic summer lies ahead wooohooo…

Boy was I in for a low blow ! I had been feeling quite tired and low for a few days before but Wednesday was when it hit a throbbing throat , feeling hot and cold and completely void of all energy, even the skin on my left leg irratated the right !

But the show had to go on or I put on a few low level performances to say the least … I kept the kids home from preschool as I genuinely didn’t have the energy to drive or dress myself , there was microwavable mash, cooked chicken, pizzas and a trip to the chipper for dinners as i didn’t want to look at a potatoe peeler !!!

Now Mr Mmmm is very good he does his share in the house but the reality is anybody who knows a farmer or anyone involved with farm machinery knows its silly season right now so 9-5 his phone is hopping, he’s  dealing with the machinery and then when he gets home it’s off to tend to his own jobs so I actually can’t remember the last night out or even night in we’ve had together …

Back to my point ..so after a few days floored the wash baskets are overflowing, there isn’t a matching pair of socks to be found and grabbing a clean knickers is a struggle !!!! The floors are mank and the whole house needs a going over … so what’s my point your saying ?

Nobody quite realises what you do at home all day until you don’t ….

We all do it when your partner comes in after work what do you say when they ask “what did you do today ?” What’s the first thing that comes out of your mouth … mmhhhhmm yup NOTHING. … nothing my arse !!!

More like the only person you did nothing for was yourself but that’s a whole other post !

So aside from being sick it was quite an emotional week with the referendum Fri and all the posts on my feed leading up to D-day were buzzing ! Ironically it wasn’t the opposite sides tactics that got me down (as I felt they held no truth for me anyway for the majority of the time) but the many stories of brave women dealing with harrowing scenarios broke me … I just had to scroll on from Wednesday as emotionally I wasn’t able

poor me huh reading about it… just how must all these women have felt ?

So I dragged my sorry arse to the polling station as nothing and I mean nothing would have stopped me… I felt my self looking at each person questioning in my head what way they would vote?

Thankfully common sense has kicked ass and our daughters, nieces , friends and other females we know now can be free to choose … I feel this country is now a little better now for my beautiful girl and I thank everyone of you who voted yes … as for the people who campaigned “religiously” you are amazing .

Anyway the next time you feel you do nothing or your job as mum isn’t quite enough …stop …and you’ll see just how much you do ! Or write down everything you do even just in a two hour frame ! Youll see ….

That was quite a ramble but right now I’m too tired to go editing ! Sometimes you need to leave things be and accept them and not just online !

And Publish !

Xoxo L


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