Eight Terrific Titles for your little Terrors!

Looking for some new titles to add to your bookshelf or reading corner or maybe your stuck for a gift idea ?

Hopefully you will like these titles as much as we do ! Mostly in English but with a few as Gaeilge and a sprinkling of Spanish !


xoxo L.

What are Germs ? – Katie Daynes/Martha Álvarez Miguéns/ Susie Harrison.

In this beautiful Usborne lift the flap book we learn what are germs?, where do they live and how do they spread along with much more … This was a great aid in our house to ensure hands were washed etc !

J (5) and L (3) are equally as impressed and intrigued by this fantastic factual and informative book.

This is one from a series of these lift the flap very first questions and answers books and another of our favourites is what is poo !

This is a book that gets read over and over and one we all highly recommend !

Gobnait Ge – Marni Mc Gee / Alison Edgton.

Published by Futa Fata.

An leabhar eile álainn ó Futa Fata…. lèaráidí álainn, scéal deas agus na focail ag bath… gach rud gur maith liom !

An sionnach glic convinces gullible Gobnait that she has lost her ears ! On the search for her ears gobnait gets nearer an nearer to ending up as the foxes next meal … will she realise what’s going on in time !

Another favourite of James’ so much so that when he asked his grandad with no Irish to read it to him James ended up telling the story in English almost word for word !

Futa Fata never let us down when it comes to fantastic stories with beautiful illustrations but this is by far one of our favourites.

Some Dogs Do – Jez Alborough.

“All dogs walk and jump and run, but dogs don’t fly- it can’t be done ….”

Or can it ?

Little pup Sid discovers he can fly one morning on his way to school but none of the other pups believe him as he cannot repeat the fun when asked … the story shows just because you have not seen something done does not mean it can’t be done !

Sid also encourages us to believe in ourselves and that when we do anything is possible ….

A lovely book with illustrations as equally beautiful as the message it sends to little kids.

Mac Tíre na Draíochta – Laurence Bourguignon / Michaél Deruilleux.

Published by Futa Fata.

An leabhar is fearr linn as Gaeilge in ár d teach anois gan amhras… gach Lá nuair a thàinig Maidhceo Mac Tíre ar ais tar eis ag siúl cheap sé go bhí duine no rud eigin isteach sa teach.

Maidhceo decides to give his walk a miss one day and hides until his visitor identifys himself !

His uninvited guest is none other than chearbhall a self professed magic rabbit, an unlikely friendship develops and they are living in harmony until the rest of the pack of wolves get word of his secret and invite themselves for Christmas dinner.

Maidhceo and his new friend need to come up with a clever plan to ensure chearbhall agus a chlann are not on the menu for Christmas dinner !

If you only buy one book this year I suggest this is it, You won’t regret it !

Giddy Up Buckaroos! – Shandy Trent/Tom Knight.

We recently borrowed this book from our local library and my two both loved it ! Join 2 amigos as they use their imagination to enter the wild west !

This is a lovely fun book with great illustrations and a lovely rhyming pattern that is arranged to include twelve fun Spanish words ! The last page and back cover help you by phonetically guiding you with the pronunciations along with giving the translations.

A lovely book for pre schoolers especially if you want to sprinkle some Spanish into everyday life !

See more at http://www.littletiger.co.uk

Babaí Cathal Am Dul A Lui! – Anne Paradis/Katy.

Published by Futa Fata.

A beautiful book to introduce Irish to little people and a lot of fun for tiny hands.

Help Cathal get ready for bed by helping him find all he needs under an aray of flaps..

The Cathal series in general is a lovely one but I really love the board book with these great flaps to engage little ones and develop fine motor skills.

Futa Fata does it again !

Super Red Riding Hood – Gemma Cary/Kelly Caswell.

Right from the first page we see that this girl means business insisting she is to be called “super red riding hood” leaving the traditional “little” in her dust!

Red takes pleasure in helping others and displaying acts of super heroism on a daily basis so it’s no surprise when she encounters the big bad wolf in grandma’s she sees right through him and deals with him efficiently!

This is an empowering re hash of the traditional fairy tale that is less frightening and shows not all little girls need “saving”.

I absolutely llllllooove this book ! And the gruesome twosome got a great kick out of it too ! This is a book I really enjoyed and would highly recommend.

Owl says Hoot – Libby Walden/Amanda Enright.

Caterpillar Books.

This is a beautiful touch and feel book with six beautiful sounds.

We don’t actually own this book but I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve borrowed this from our local library!

Meet the different animals who all have a different lifestyle and sound… this book has gorgeous illustrations, lovely rhyming and realistic sounds with Luna the wolf being our favourite…

This would be a lovely addition to any book shelf that has little hands reaching in ….

Do let me know what you think or I’d you have any must reads you’d like to share please do !

If you like this maybe you’ll like a post on my top ten fave of last year … or my top 10 books as Gaeilge !

See below ;



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