7 Ways to see out the school holidays !

So I had planned on writing this post (it’s had quite a few title changes!) earlier in the summer but life got in the way but now is as good a time as any to share some activities!

It’s only about 2 weeks till school starts for most and I’d imagine you mums are worn out from entertaining and refereeing your brood so hopefully this post will help you entertain your kiddos in the last leg of the holidays !

I hope you find something useful in here ,

Xoxo L.

1- Dino Excavations.

This is a simple way to get a half an hour to have a cuppa, watch your favourite soap or just stop the bickering ! It is also cost effective if you wish to set it up for when there are a few kids around.

I bought a pack of cheap Dino figures including some trees for just e1.50 and that in total was the cost to entertain 5 children.

I used old Chinese cartons and started with a thin ice layer at the bottom as each layer froze I added another.

I tore open used tea bags to get an earthy effect and added dried seaweed, shells and stones along with the little plastic dinosaur. Just make sure the Dino is not too near the bottom or the top as it will lessen the time needed to dig him out !

When the block is frozen just run some boiling water over the end and side of the container and it will pop right out.

My impatient children spent 20 minutes at the ice blocks with a fork and a sugarcraft tool before realising that if you throw the ice block at the wall you’ll free the beast !!!! Either way they enjoyed it and more have been requested !

2- Kiddy Yoga.

* The gruesome twosome try the first part of the jack in the box pose! *

My two absolutely loved this activity !

I looked online and found this handy chart from http://www.abcyogaforkids.com.

It shows 25 fun, easy poses ( one you must create yourself !) for kids. Some may be a little harder for the younger kids but you get 15-25 min of entertainment and exercise too !

*James loving the “happy baby” pose *

I was actually surprised at how into this the guys got ! James loved it and I’m sure he’ll be superb once he is minus the restrictions of his cast.

The favourites were jack in the box ,aeroplane and the mouse.

It’s super to make them aware of their breathing and encourage exercise at a young age. This is a cost free activity that is great for the body and the mind.

3- Bubble Wrap Prints.

This is a fun alternative to normal painting ! Nothing outrageously mind blowing but the kids loved it …

I kept some bubble wrap from packaging and cut it onto shapes and let the kiddos loose with the paint !

Older kids can cut out their own shapes from the bubble wrap.

You can also use cheap dinkys or some lego bricks to paint with and let the imagination run wild !

4 – Personalised t-shirts.

For this activity I got a xl white vest top and a couple of long sleeve tees for the kids but you could always jazz up a tee you had all ready.

I bought a packet of fabric markers in the arts and hobby shop which were e8 and the Tees in dunnes which made the total cost e19 but I’d advise going to penneys to reduce this cost ( I was caught for time ).

5 – Get some online inspo!!!

We have it all at our fingertips ! Get searching online …. I found this great free website (and there is loads!) http://www.mykidstime.com with loads of fun ideas to keep the kiddies entertained like this cool lego challenge.

From printable wordsearches , card tricks for kids to even cocktail ideas for mums it has it all !

6 – Wash,wash,wash !

We all know how much kids love water and the summer is the ideal time to let them have fun with H20!

We don’t want the house flooded so outside is a win for all !

Let them set up a car/bike/vehicle wash, set a pricelist and even make some sinage!

Now the water restrictions are no more they can have some simple good clean fun !

7- Have a picnic lunch.

With kids it’s all about the simple things …. you don’t need to be going somewhere to pack a picnic !

Meet a working buddy or family member on their lunch break from work in a nearby park, grassy area, go out to the green or walk a little till you find a spot !

Every child loves a picnic and we all have to eat so get out there and when the food is eaten throw in a game of hide and seek or eye spy for good measure !

Whatever you do enjoy the last few days of the holidays !!!!

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