Bubblebum Booster Seat review.

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be sent a Bubblebum car booster seat. I knew it was going to come in very useful during the summer with the extra bodies and bums we were inevitably going to have and I was right !

Like most instructions I glanced at them rather than reading them and opened the valve completely off and wondered how in the name off God I was going to get this Bubblebum inflated….

I reread the instructions to find you only need to open it enough to inflate and while you still have the valve in your mouth you tighten it to leave u with your inflated booster ready for road !

The Bubblebum is suitable for children age 4yrs and 15kg and over. It is crash tested and not only meets the EU and US safety standards but exceeds them.

I really loved the seat belt positioning clip to make the child more comfortable and the clips on either side of the bubblebum make sure the seat belt is positioned correctly and safely.

The first bum on our new booster was my nephew, with the age gap between my two kids being small up to now they both had car seats with three point harnesses (which in general are quite bulky) and left no room for a regular booster seat in between the two seats if we needed to facilitate an extra child.

This posed a problem for us in the past as although my nephew is a tall and strong lad at only nine years old he of coarse is still by law obligated to sit in a booster seat and I hadn’t found a booster that fitted comfortably up to now.

The bubble bum fitted in between the two seats no problem and he was quick to tell me it was really “comfy”.

Soon it was my main man’s chance to give me his opinion on the bubblebum ! I must admit up to a few weeks ago he was still in a 3 point harness and we only decided to remove the harness as it became difficult when he had a cast on his arm after an unlucky break even then I was apprehensive about doing so. Knowing that the bubblebum met and exceeded the recommended safety standards and seeing the extras for securing the seat first hand put my mind to rest when we started to use it on our travels.

James loved it and thought it was “really cool”, it was obvious to me that he was comfortable and he felt like a “big boy”, he travelled well in it and kept a good position.

The Bubble bum when deflated folds up into a neat little bag and is extremely light which means not only will it not take up massive space in your car when not in use it also is easy for children to carry and would even fit in a P.E bag or in a bag with the other contents needed for an afterschool adventure.

The bubble bum is a must to have as a spare booster as we all end up doing another mum a favour, or asking one of another family from time to time along with it being the perfect purchase for a childminder or a relatives car.

It is also a great buy for those who are not car owners but find themselves needing a booster for their little ones when hopping in a taxi or accepting lifts, you wouldn’t even know you had this in a nappy bag or in the undercarriage of a buggy! For the same reason it is ideal to take on holidays with your brood.

I can also see myself taking the Bubble bum to the cinema or theatre as my little princess has told me more than once that the booster seats they supply are cold and uncomfortable!

At just under e35 (offers on two or more on their site) the Bubblebum is very reasonably priced considering the high level of comfort, the safety tests it has easily passed and the use you will inevitably get out of it.

There are 5 different colours to choose from black (as seen), pink, union jack, Irish shamrocks and stars and stripes which can be seen on


along with lots of other usefull information and blog posts .

The Bubblebum for us definately gets a big thumbs up and when little luce hits the age and weight requirements I will certainly be purchasing one for her.

For those of you who thought you had crossed everything off your list for the new school term maybe your not quite done yet !

Be sure to check out them out on Facebook an instagram too….



Despite being gifted the bubblebum all the opinions above are genuine and my own as always.

Xoxo Laura.

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