Christmas Gift Guide – For Her

The bits I’ve chosen for this gift guide are things I have chosen because they appeal to me, you could say this is almost my wish list ! I have not been influenced or paid by anyone to include them or their products, neither are the links affiliated I’m just trying to make things easier if you do fancy them!

I hope you get some ideas that help you

Xoxo L.

Love Moschino Oversized Sun Glasses – E155

I love love love these sunnies !!!! But you can choose whatever tickles your loved ones fancy … my point is just because it ain’t really sunnies weather doesn’t mean they don’t make a super gift.

Whether it’s for winter sun or summer which really (isn’t that far away) I think a good pair of sunglasses is a super treat for a loved one, more research will have to be done than when buying a more conventional gift as they are quite personal but that’s only a small hurdle !

I found these on the littlewoods Ireland site but I’m sure can be got from many other sources too.

Jo Browne

Jo Browne solid perfumes are handmade with love using beeswax and essential oils and although I have not purchased myself I have it on good authority that these are in fact as amazing as they look and sound !

They are available in three different aromas Floral (lemongrass and wild jasmine), Sweet (citrus and crushed vanilla) and oriental (spice tea and honey) and are packaged in a beautiful and economic friendly bamboo tube.

New to the range is a gorgeous facial cleansing balm which I am treating myself to this Xmas !!! Containing Camillia oil it is sure to revive and replenish dry and tired skin. Either of these beautiful products would be well received by any lady but especially by those who like to use products with less chemicals and nasties in the ingredients !

For more info or stockists see

McWilliam Tote Bag – E60

McWilliams holdalls are notorious around Cork and within the sailing circles but maybe you didn’t realise that they do more than just holdalls.

From pegbags , pencil cases to clothing there is something on the McWilliam site that will appeal to everyone but my favourite are the totes in particular this black,red and white one.

As with the holdalls you are sure of strength and quality along with a stylish appearence. I love these bags as handbags are not for me and only useful on a child free night out in my opinion !

Be sure to take a look at the full range via the link below.

A gift or voucher from Horse Shoe Hearts

I follow this gorgeous UK based company on instagram and I think the pieces are so beautifully made that you don’t need to be an equine lover to appreciate them.

You can choose from a selection of gorgeous iron works made from recycled horseshoes or send one of your own to personalise your purchase. Gift vouchers are available if you can’t get your hands on your loved ones best friends shoes or would like them to choose their own gift.

Be sure to check out all the gorgeous crafts on their grid , see link below …

DKNY Bryant Sutton Envelope Clutch Bag – E240

You cannot go wrong with a nice black bag and this I think is amazing… It is timeless and classy and very few could find fault if they received this on Xmas morn ! I’m not really a designer fiend but I must say I do love DKNY whether it be clothes or accessories.

A piece by Thomas Sabo from E25

If you have never visited or seen some of his beautiful pieces before then you are missing out.

I first discovered Thomas Sabo when looking for black earrings for my wedding that were classy and didn’t look like costume jewellery and along with finding the perfect pair I’ve lusted after many a piece since!

Along with the pretty golds and usual nice pieces what attracts me to his designs are the unusual vibes eg the boohoo, aztech and darker feels that his pieces give off while still looking classy and are of beautiful quality.

Whatever your loved ones style your sure to find a perfect piece here at or at the stores they stock.

Adopt a Seal ! From E35

Looking for something a little different this year or something for a huge animal lover well look no further ! The seal sanctuary in Courtown Harbour is not only a cool place to visit all year round but also has fantastic adoption packages from E35.

See more on

Sabbot Head wear – From £30

Sabbot headwear features silky faux fur poms and a soft fleece lining to make sure you are as cosy as can be ! comfortable all day long.

Unfortunately the harsh reality is that many of the hats we buy which have bobbles labeled faux fur is in fact real …. with sabbot headwear you can have relax knowing your style is cruelty free.

Sabbot knitted bobble hats are made in Europe from the finest materials including Merino Wool, Mohair, Alpaca and Cotton. There is loads of styles and colours to choose from for you to find the perfect hat for the outdoorsy girl in your life or indeed yourself .

To explore the Winter fashion knit collection see the link below….

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