A man may be marvelous but it’s always the mighty who keep the show on the road ….a house is only a home when the lady of it is at her best !

Whoooah what a week … so after ever so cockily celebrating the exit of sickness from our house after a loooong winter, thinking to myself

The weather has changed for the better… this is it now a fun, healthy and energetic summer lies ahead wooohooo…

Boy was I in for a low blow ! I had been feeling quite tired and low for a few days before but Wednesday was when it hit a throbbing throat , feeling hot and cold and completely void of all energy, even the skin on my left leg irratated the right !

But the show had to go on or I put on a few low level performances to say the least … I kept the kids home from preschool as I genuinely didn’t have the energy to drive or dress myself , there was microwavable mash, cooked chicken, pizzas and a trip to the chipper for dinners as i didn’t want to look at a potatoe peeler !!!

Now Mr Mmmm is very good he does his share in the house but the reality is anybody who knows a farmer or anyone involved with farm machinery knows its silly season right now so 9-5 his phone is hopping, he’s  dealing with the machinery and then when he gets home it’s off to tend to his own jobs so I actually can’t remember the last night out or even night in we’ve had together …

Back to my point ..so after a few days floored the wash baskets are overflowing, there isn’t a matching pair of socks to be found and grabbing a clean knickers is a struggle !!!! The floors are mank and the whole house needs a going over … so what’s my point your saying ?

Nobody quite realises what you do at home all day until you don’t ….

We all do it when your partner comes in after work what do you say when they ask “what did you do today ?” What’s the first thing that comes out of your mouth … mmhhhhmm yup NOTHING. … nothing my arse !!!

More like the only person you did nothing for was yourself but that’s a whole other post !

So aside from being sick it was quite an emotional week with the referendum Fri and all the posts on my feed leading up to D-day were buzzing ! Ironically it wasn’t the opposite sides tactics that got me down (as I felt they held no truth for me anyway for the majority of the time) but the many stories of brave women dealing with harrowing scenarios broke me … I just had to scroll on from Wednesday as emotionally I wasn’t able

poor me huh reading about it… just how must all these women have felt ?

So I dragged my sorry arse to the polling station as nothing and I mean nothing would have stopped me… I felt my self looking at each person questioning in my head what way they would vote?

Thankfully common sense has kicked ass and our daughters, nieces , friends and other females we know now can be free to choose … I feel this country is now a little better now for my beautiful girl and I thank everyone of you who voted yes … as for the people who campaigned “religiously” you are amazing .

Anyway the next time you feel you do nothing or your job as mum isn’t quite enough …stop …and you’ll see just how much you do ! Or write down everything you do even just in a two hour frame ! Youll see ….

That was quite a ramble but right now I’m too tired to go editing ! Sometimes you need to leave things be and accept them and not just online !

And Publish !

Xoxo L


And just like that I am mother to a 5 year old !

Every year I say the same thing where did those … years go ! Seriously though he’s five !!!! In September I will no longer have two preshoolers and even now he is well and truly a boy.

If you’ve read my birthday posts before you’ll know I have had parties at home and a cake made on request for the gruesome twosome the last five years as I have so many happy memories of my childhood birthdays and I hope they will too.

That said there is more prep gone into one of these parties than I put into my own wedding …fact ! Because it’s so important to me that they have a blast.

I’ll be the first to admit I probably get a little worked up about the idea … this day last week I was going to paint the kitchen and the hall for the big event…

Really … what planet was I on !!! I barely got the normal household tasks done !

It was great that the celebrations fell on a Sunday as I had all day Saturday to get organised and to make the cake .. this year’s request was batman so we hit Google images and J picked exactly what he wanted , thankfully one of the easier ones too.

For the actual cake I used Pearl Mc Gillicuddy’s all in one bun recipe which I doubled and added 4/5 drops of doTERRA Lime essential oil.


and the BBC good food recipe for cream cheese icing but instead of the orange juice I added 4 drops of doTERRA Lime essential oil.


To decorate I follow my picture from Google images and I started as I always do by tracing round the tin on paper and cut out so I know the dimensions I’m working with.

I generally draw the patterns free hand but you could always print a colouring sheet of your child’s favourite characters and work from there, some obviously are easier than others and this batman symbol cake was one of the easier ones !

I first covered the cake with the base colour you can use marmalade, jam or as I did edible glue to stick the pre packed icing on, I then rolled out and made the belt part of the cake.Then using an oval serving dish I had I cut and placed the yellow badge on top.

Next up was the bat sign ! I traced the same oval but took about 2cms off the edges to make a smaller oval. I then used an egg cup and a knife to cut the curves and ultimately make the bat shape !

After that was whacked on I was done !! Definately alot easier than my previous efforts (the two tractors being the hardest !).

Now he’s five of coarse his independence has shot through the roof so he had to cut the cake ! Each year the party and the guest list grows I’m allready dreading the numbers next year when “big school” has started ! We had a lovely day celebrating with family and friends who were so generous and thought full when it came to gifts.

Its safe to say we have enough lego to entertain an army of children and that’s only the new sets I’m talking about !

In his element ! Isn’t that what it’s all about ! That smile ….

* Little miss refused to be in the “family” picture ! *

All over for another year …

Xoxo L.

To see last year’s minion cake and how I made it click here !


And little L’s unicorn cake …


Fun And Creativity Al Fresco !

Two of my favourite things in life are arts and crafts and nature … so a few weeks back (via my Facebook page) I decided to combine the two and organise a nature walk followed by nature art.

Last year I did the same, we walked a little and collected some of nature’s treasure and returned to the picnic benches to create amazing collages, this year I decided to add paint to the mix !

So this morning a group of us, friends old and new met and headed off with our smallies on a little walk taking in woodland and sea views and collecting various pieces of nature in a range of textures.

We then returned to the picnic benches where the paint, paper and was distributed, the kids used their finds and imaginations to create beautiful work all at their own pace.

I prepped a few of nature’s paintbrushes and we made the others there and then using the tape and twigs and a variety of flowers, seaweed and wild grasses etc.

Shell stamping was great fun and plenty of lovely collages were made also !

The kids I feel really enjoyed the lack of structure and needless to say the picnic afterwards !

We had almost 3 hours of fun on this adventure and all we needed was a roll of electrical tape , some paper and some paint. So go on…. organise one near you or with a group of your friends !

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for more fun events in the coming weeks and months !


Xoxo L.

Here is some of the kids work !

There wasn’t going to be paint without a roller ! My little lady would have none of that !

Today I looked in the mirror and saw myself for the first time in a long time …. It felt so good !

The last few weeks we have been on the lookout for a pony for the kids and the possibility of one for myself should one fall into my lap !

Both Mr Mmmm and myself have never pushed our interests on the kids ( I’ve seen too many pushy pony club mums to go there!) But there’s no denying that it’s lovely that James has the love for farming and Luce seems to be getting the horsey bug !

This morning I was stuck to my bed when a friend rang to say that she might have a pony suitable for the kids and needed some help with a mare and her newborn foal. I hopped out of the bed with such gusto I’m shocked I didn’t do myself an injury !

Those who know me know that horses (and animals in general) were up to two years ago a huge part of my life.

Two years ago my beloved Jane a horse I’d owned for 15 years (and loved since I clapped eyes on her aged 14 ) passed on leaving me without an equine friend for the first time in over 20 years.

That along with me giving up my boarding kennels business to be a stay at home mum meant the animal enthusiast was now “just a mum” with two pet jack Russells !!!

After exiting the bed at the speed of lightning I went to my “work clothes” drawer opened it for the first time in almost two years. The smell of must nearly knocked me! A few drops of wild orange essential oil and a spin in the dryer and my fleece was slapped on my back.

On passing the mirror I stopped, looked and saw “me” for the first time in far too long and it felt good !

I bet no one else gets that excited to see themselves in a regatta fleece !

I dressed Lil Luce and we headed off .. first looking at two groups of horses then heading back to the stables.

While I helped the vet wash out a fantastically protective mare after giving birth just yesterday my little lady had a ball go carting around the yard with my friends daughter and her nephew, learning to poo pick and meeting a few new four legged friends.

Speaking to the vet, reassuring and calming the mare, handling the foal was hardly rocket science but doing again what was once such a huge part of my life made me feel so good.

I felt capable, in my comfort zone and there is no doubt my seratonin levels increased more than they did in a long time !

I have missed my equine therapy and it was so good to be more than “mum” that I certainly won’t be leaving it as long again to kiss a velvety muzzle and inhale that indescribable scent.

I cannot wait to add an equine ( or two!) to our family soon and I am looking forward to sharing this amazing obsession with my little girl !

Xoxo Laura.

5 of Our Family Favourite Dinners ….

I vowed I would never be a mum who cooked multiple dishes for my family at dinner but of coarse I want everybody to like and enjoy what’s put in front of them. So here are our family favourites that ensure everyone clears their plates !

Most of these dishes are quite economical and with one or two you can get two dinners out of them. I put the costings as if you were to buy the ingredients from scratch but if you shop with these recipes in mind for the week they will come out even cheaper … I find Lidle and Tesco is where you get the best bang for your buck!

Bacon, bean and beef burgers.

This is a great way of inexpensively bulking out your packet of mince and adding a twist to your conventional beef burger !

What you need;

An average packet of mince ( just over 400g). I like to use the less than 5% fat mince but decide for yourself depending on preference and budget.

1/2 tin of mixed beans drained.

125g of bacon lardons ( double this I’d you want to bulk out the beef even more)

Potatoes to serve with the burgers roasted or chipped.

I top with cheese, onion and tomatoes but go with what you feel !


Simple bung the meat and beans in s bowl, mix shape and fry ! Serve with your favourite toppings and with chips or potatoes .

This recipe will make 4 large burgers or 2 large and 3/4 small for just e6.


Mr Mmmm’s fave !

“The only difference between good and bad meat is the length of time you cook it ” a quote from my grandad who discovered in later life that he is a great cook !

For these to be deliciously tender this dish needs to be made at least 24hrs in advance.

What you need;

Family pack of meatballs.

Dried or fresh Basil.

3 carrots.

2 onions.

2 peppers (3 small ).

4 tins of chopped tomatoes.

1 tablespoon of sugar.

1 tablespoon of ketchup.

Add in any extra veg you have in the fridge.


*Brown the meatballs on the pan and set aside.

*Fry up the veg and when almost cooked add the meat to brown a little more

*Bring the 4 cans of tomatoes to the boil stir in the ketchup, sugar and a dash of salt and pepper. Let it simmer for a while before adding to the dish with meat and veg.

*Heat in the oven for 20 mins at 140/160′ and do this at least two more times before serving and you will have lovely tender and tasty meat balls.

*Be sure to stir each time and add water if necessary.

*serve with pasta or roasties.

With this recipe you will feed a family of 5 approx for less than e10. You will also have enough sauce left over to use for cheesy pasta and garlic bread another day!

Sausage Stew.

Another fairly new love of the kids ( us adults like it but the kids are nuts for sausages so there you go !)

What you need;

12 jumbo sausages.

3 large carotts.

4 celery sticks.

110g of pearl barley.

1 pint of beef stock.


* cover the pearl barley in water and bring to the boil, simmer for 10 mins.

* lightly cook the sausages.

* fry the veg ( adding 100ml of water to prevent sticking) and add the stock bring to boil and simmer for five minutes.

* transfer to a casserole dish and add the pearl barley, put in the oven at 140′ for 20 minutes.

* add the sausages before heating at 180′ for 20/30 mins to serve with boiled potatoes.

With this recipe you will feed 4/5 for e7.50 . You will have enough veg and gravy left over to either make soup with or freeze to add another packet of sausages to another day so it’s great eating on a budget

Bacon and Green bean potato cakes topped with a fried egg.

This is a more recent favourite in our house but it’s my no 1! Everybody cleans their plate when I produce this dinner.

What you need for 8 Potatoe Cakes;

10 average potatoes.

180g of bacon lardons.

40g of chopped green beans.

20g of chopped onion.

Serve with;

A egg per person.

50g of green beens per person.


* Boil and mash the potatoes, I mash them with salt, pepper, butter and milk !

*Fry the lardons chopped onions and green beans, when cooked add and mix into the mash.

* fry (or boil) your whole beans to serve on the side partially.

* Make up your potatoe cakes and fry one side , just as your turning sides fry your eggs in a separate pan and pop your partially cooked green beans in with the potatoe cakes .

* and serve ! Make sure to leave the egg runny to get the full flavour !

The kids don’t notice the green beans chopped into the potatoe cake but won’t eat them on the side so I usually give them some baked beans or spaghetti on the side.

With this recipe you can feed a family of 4/5 for under e6.

Fish Pie.

Confession …. the whole family does not eat this I hate fish !!! Everyone knows the nutritional value of fish and my gang love it so I grin and bare the smell and whip this up for them and I eat the leftovers from the night before.

What you need:

( I make this in my good old free dolmio lasangne dish)

10 average potatoes.

A mix of fish, I usually buy from the 3 for e10 range in Dunnes so I get coley fillets, cod and salmon. I also buy extra prawns but they are not a must.

2 stock cubes.

50g of plain four.

Splash of milk.

1 small onion.


2 sticks of celery.


* Steam the potatoes to create your mash topping … once you have them on bake the fish for about 15/20 mins with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

* Chop the carrots, celery and onions and fry lightly. You can throw in whatever you have veg wise but I think carrot, celery and onion work best with the fish.

* Disolve the two stock cubes in a pint of boiling water, put in a pot and sieve the flour in gradually whisking to eliminate lumps and bumps. Add a splash of milk and have a peek at the fish, if there its juice collecting on the tray tip it into the pot and stir in.

* When the fish is cooked add it into ( if you used the same fish as I did only use half of it ) the veg to the sauce.

* Pour the sauce and fish into a dish and top with mash.

* Bake at 180′ until the mash is browned and crispy.

* Serve with the veg of your choice.

This will serve 4/5 people for e16 (e12 if you leave out the prawns) but you have half the fish left (freeze what’s left ) to do a puff pastry pie or chowder too. You can also cut cost or bulk out by adding more veg.

So there you have it ! Five family friendly dinners that can be done on a budget. I’d love to hear what you think if you give any of them a go !

Xoxo L.

Camping with a baby – A Guest blog by Sinéad Morrissey.

Recently I was following Sinéad’s facebook posts of her camping holiday with her family in France as we have considered it too and would love a Camper !

It dawned on me that it would be great if Sinéad shared her experience via a guest blog post and maybe could offer a few tips to other families thinking of doing the same so I was delighted when she said yes !

Its safe to say she has a talent for writing that shouldn’t be left dormant !

Enjoy xoxo L.

I had this bright idea while I was pregnant to buy a Camper Van. I always wanted one so of course while a bit hormonal I thought it a great idea to put myself in debt !
Of course, himself agreed 100%. Anything really to keep me from bursting into tears and or going into a rage.
Fast forward eight months and we were in France. In a very small six mtr 1996 Camper van. With a pre-teen and a five-month-old.

What was I thinking?!! Cue nervous giggle!

To be fair it was our first foreign trip camping ever and a huge learning curve.
The realisation didn’t dawn on me until we were in a four-berth cabin on the ferry over that…… EVERYTHING will be revolving around baby’s feeds and naps!! Something I actually, believe it or not, had not considered.
But we managed with the help of a very large flask for his hot water and little individual tubs of formula. I rinsed the bottles and used sterilizer tablets to make up for having to leave microwave steriliser at home. Luckily, he is taking puree, so his milk feeds were quite small.

He adores the organic baby food by ELLAS Kitchen. So, I made sure we had plenty to last the holiday along with plenty of his Lactose free formula so as not to be panic buying something we didn’t know while away.

This carry on of course could have been avoided if I had tried to breastfeed…….but that’s another story for another day !!!

After a very rough crossing we headed off to the first campsite thankfully it was only three hours’ drive so we were not under too much pressure. The website had assured us there would be a restaurant on site, as well as a bar etc.

We were quite excited to have a nice meal and settle in. But, it was not to be…… all were closed ….and we were famished. We walked to the closest village to find everything closed there too. The only one of us content that night was the baby.

In my obsession with making sure baby had everything…. I had forgotten about the rest of us.

Baby slept through the night…. thanks, I think to the fact I brought his mattress from his cot. I made sure he couldn’t go anywhere by using one of those toddler rail guards between him and said teen. So, she couldn’t roll onto him either. He had his usual blankets too as well as his lullaby owl, so everything was normal in his world.

We made a habit of going to bed when baby went to bed because he was up at seven…. which meant we were all up at seven, so it just made sense.
The next campsite was better. The restaurant stayed open until nine so that suited us perfect. The pool was indoors and heated…. another bonus. Baby had a great time in the water. I brought his swim ring that goes around his neck. He loves it. I can take my hands off him here and there and he seems to enjoy the freedom.

We also got out walking with baby in his backpack. He loved being up high seeing everything. He really is a very nosy baby!

Third campsite was a wash out. Ankle deep in muck I was the picture of depression. It was in the middle of acres of trails for walking and cycling yet there was no hope we would be able to use them. I had enough at this stage of moving things around the camper. Shifting buggies, mattresses, rails, backpacks, bumbo, trailer for the bike (really should have left these at home as you can rent bikes and trailers from the campsites). Wet towels due to the dryer on site not working and all the clothes we brought but didn’t wear.!!!!!

Foot went firmly down… metaphorically and physically into the mud !!!

So, off we went to a hotel for the last two nights. strangely enough it was hard to get a family room online. They would only accept one child. But the campsite manager rang around and got us a lovely room in Ibis Budget. It was bare but did the job.

After an eventful ten days altogether, we headed back to the ferry. Bringing onboard enough food for all of us for the 24hrs as there was not a great selection onboard due to the boat being smaller than the summer one.
So, lessons learned…
With babies and kids good weather is a necessity!!! I thought I was being smart going outside high season. But no way would I take them away again unless guaranteed good weather.
I did not need two buggies. Or the bikes and trailer. Or most of the clothes I brought…. or the huge gazebo…. or the small tent.
I did need bibs, way more bibs then I brought.
The rest of us need food too… not just baby.
We need an add on for living space!!!
We should stay on one campsite for longer… I felt I spent most of my holiday setting up and then packing up.
Pre-teen was an absolute godsend…. Especially when baby decided to have a huge meltdown while we were stuck on the motorway!!

Our next trip will probably be when baby is toddling around…… now that will be a different ball game altogether

About Sinéad….

Sinead describes herself as a 38 year old mom to an eleven year old girl who thinks she’s twenty and a six month old crazy baby boy who gave her that second chance she desperately needed.
She is wife to a very patient man and is mum to her furbabies three dogs and one cat. She describes her life as fabulously hectic xx.

” Too posh to push ” or just a woman who chose what I felt was right for me? My experience of an elective cesarean.

Most people are quite shocked when they hear I’ve had two elective cesarean sections for the births of my beautiful children. For most mums or mums to be the thought of a cesarean fills them with dread and they do everything possible to avoid one but I was always one to dance to my own tune and I refuse to apologise for choosing what I felt was best for me despite the few irritating reactions I have received in the past.

You are no less of a woman or a mum if you had a cesarean rather than a “natural birth” whatever the reason

In general I love all things natural, I use medication sparingly and always look for an alternative, but when it came to the birth of my two children I took every drug I was offered to me and did everything I could to ensure I got the cesarean I wanted in both cases.

People in general can’t understand why I would choose to have major surgery not once but twice when there was a “more natural ” option available to me.

Women have been giving birth “naturally” since time began and I have the utmost respect for any woman that has done since. I’ve been told it is amazing and even wondered had i missed out on that raw experience but for me from a young age i knew that despite wanting and hoping to have children going “natural” wasnt an option for me…

Why not you ask …

Well I’m going to tell you my reasons honestly and frankly!

I was petrified…. The thought of the sheer agony ( I’m awful when it comes to pain), the loss of control and the more than likely demolition of my neither regions sent me into a spin many are unlikely to comprehend. The thought effected me so much so that I broke down in tears at the first doctors appointment and even had nightmares in the early stages of my pregnancy.

I had friends who had such bad experiences of a “natural” birth that they still wince speaking of it and others who literally have ptsd as a result. All who after a horrendous experience ended up having a cesarean anyway but that was not the part that caused them the pain and distress ….

I felt my best shot at getting the cesarean I wanted was to go private …

Now I’m by no means rolling in it and I’m the kind of girl who has to do serious talking to herself to justify paying more than e30 on a top but for me it was money well spent. At the time I was also self employed and a day spent in cuh for a routine scan could’ve cost me anything from e60-80 euro depending how busy I was but again like your method of delivery you choose what you feel is right for you, end of…

I left my doctor’s surgery with a list of Gynaes but it may have been double Dutch as the names meant nothing to me as a first time mum.

After doing some research I chose my man !!! When choosing my requirement was I wanted a Gynae that was “for the woman ” as much as “for the child “.

After my first appointment with my chosen gynae I knew I was in good hands and felt completely at ease .

I had a great pregnancy but I spent the week before my scheduled c-section in hospital on bed rest due to pre eclampsia, so the first was different to the second in that I went down for the sugery from my hospital bed as opposed to rising out of my own bed at the dawn and heading in to the cuh .

Going down to the operating theatre that first time and waiting down there was so much more frightening than I had imagined it to be … I felt like a young girl who wanted to cry out for her mammy.

I really had no idea what to expect as I had purposely not looked at a single “one born every minute ” or asked to hear people’s stories for fear the bejesus would be scared out of me .

At that moment in time ignorance was far from bliss ….

I really had nothing to be worried about as the nurses, the doctors and the aneasethist were all amazing . The most painful part of the surgery was the insertion of a needle into my hand !

One the things I did know was going to happen and I was dreading was the insertion of a urinary catather and really the nurse was so blazee about it all there was no fuss and it was done in a jiffy .

I was also quite anxious about the epidural , I had heard the horror stories but again my worries were unfounded as I was in great hands.

The birth ( yes you still get to call it giving birth ) was great …I could feel no pain but was aware of what was going on and could feel the “rumaging” to get my baby out.

The screen was up and I saw nothing until they had baby J’s head out, the screen then went back and I saw the exit of my gorgeous baby ! I heard that amazing first cry ( the relief and emotion swept over me !) Had him placed on me and in no time I was in the recovery room with him on my boob!

Both of my little people spent a couple of nights in neo natal simply because they had injested mucus (a common thing with c-sections) but the nurses were amazing and during the night would ring my phone when the fairies needed feeding and I would be wheeled down to do so.

With the c section there is that extra two days in hospital but for me that was not a problem! It just meant I got an extra tutorial on bathing the baby and got plenty of feeding support !

I had such a positive experience the first time round that when I got to do it all again less than two years I genuinely had no fear and of coarse felt much more confident second time round as I knew exactly what to expect ….

The main difference for between the first and second section for me physically was the recovery period after .. going into and during the first pregnacy I was quite fit and active but with the second pregnancy I was overweight and unfit and I feel this made it harder to recover ..Maybe the second is harder in general but I felt my lack of fitness was the main factor in my slower recovery . That said you are reopening a new wound and your muscles are being “disturbed” again !

For me both my experiences were extremely positive now whether that was down to my amazing gynae, God or luck who knows but if I was a betting woman I’d say the gynae… either way I’m happy with my decision and have no regrets .

Things you need to know if you are going for a planned cesarean section ;

  • It’s not uncommon for babies to injest mucus as they do not pass through the birth canal therefore the the mucus doesn’t get a chance to be squeezed out. This may lead lead to your baby spending a few nights in neo natal. Of coarse you will be quite emotional but seriously it’s like they pick the most loving and amazing nurses and put them in neo… your baby will be in the best of care!
  • If you do not want your baby to have a dummy make sure you say it if they need to go to Neo. Both our babes were given them automatically when they were down there. I didn’t have an issue and it didn’t effect their latch but everyone feels different about dummys/soothers.
  • If you are having a scheduled c- section and haven’t gone into labour your milk can take up to five days to come in. Placenta encapsulation can help speed your milk up as can essential oils and certain foods. Hang in their it will come but for a day or two it can be quite emotionally difficult .
  • Bring light snacks ! You do not get that iconic cup of tea and toast after a cesarean and when staff are busy and kichen staff are gone home your request for toast and tea can be forgotten! Had it not been for my stash of special k bars I would have starved or and least got very hangry
  • Let’s talk about that “first poo” ! So I had heard this was like a second labour but I just assumed the pain was as a result of giving birth … I didn’t realise it effected c section mums ! Now I drank heaps of water and prune juice so all was ok . My point to this is don’t think your out of the woods when you’ve done the one ! Constipation can get you literally when you think your home and dry, do don’t ease up on the fluids just because your at home!
  • Do not be afraid to push that call button, the staff are run off the feet ( when J was born May 2013 it an extremely busy day there was a almost 50 babies born !) I was slow to push the call button to ask for the pain meds I was due and it was foolish .. you are important too and have every right to push that call button even if you feel your request seems trivial.
  • Mind your wound like a shiny penny … the the last thing you want is to get an infection. I used to have a clean hand towel to pat the wound dry and a separate towel for the rest of the body. I also stuck a maternity pad horizontal across the front of my big knicks to protect the wound.
  • It in not uncommon to feel numb around the wound site in the days and weeks following ..I didn’t have this on the first so got quite anxious when I felt this way second time round. Don’t panic but do consult your public health nurse or doctor about this feeling or any concerns you have however “small” you may think they are.
  • Make sure you follow all aftercare instructions and no matter how fit you feel don’t return to excercises without the consent of your doctor and even then go gently.
  • If you feel sonething isn’t right seek advice …. I’ve always felt my stomach was not quite right after my second pregnancy and recently (3 yrs later) after attending a workshop I was informed I had separated stomach muscles therefore if you are active and are intending to return to excercise do so with the help of an expert and I would highly recommend Terezia from Per4orm for women .
  • https://www.facebook.com/per4orm/ is where you’ll find her .
  • Take time , accept the help that is offered, ask for it if it is not and let your body heal and appreciate it for all its been through !

Remember however your baby enters this world you are the most important person in their lives , you are everything to them and you are amazing and don’t let anyone try to suggest you took “the easy way out ” as there is no easy way to birth a child but the reward is out if this world. …

Have you had an “elective” c-section, I haven’t met anyone that has or are people just afraid to admit it …surely I’m not the only one ?