The support you receive is not defined by your marital status …

A few weeks back I attended an open day for a sports team , I had a blast met some fab people and thought

” this is something I’d really enjoy”.

Between the jigs and reels it turned out I would be required to do a training program ( which would cost me ) and equipment could be hired for these weeks but being a larger lady this was not feasible for me.

I approached a team member and shared my concerns that the cost of the equipment i would have to buy was a lot of money to me and should I not make the grade after the initial training or should I find the commitment as a mum of two young kids living quite a distance away from the training grounds unachievable it would be quite an amount of money wasted.

I took the fact that that they had no solutions all in my stride but when it was put to me how they had a single mum on the team who lived a distance away also ( although not as far as me !) It really got my goat …

Seriously since when did your relationship status define the support you have .

Don’t get me wrong, I know single mums have alot on their plate and I think they are amazing and have the utmost respect for them but on the other hand I know a few single mums who have far more support than I.

The support you have as a mum is determined by alot of factors…

Your location;

Not living in close proximity to family and friends can be a huge problem when rallying the troupes. My sisters are an amazing support to me but the reality is for them to do something as simple as pick J or L ip from school and drop them too me ( nothing else not even have a cuppa ) will take slightly over an hour as I live in ” outer Mumbai ” as my sister puts it !!! Realistically I live in the suburbs.

Living a distance from family and friends can certainly make support a little more difficult to come by and if you are rural it makes playdates and school run rotas a little less feasible.

An inability to ask for help;

This I’d something I have struggled with majorly in the past but as I have improved at asking for help and letting others see that sometimes I just need a break so too has the support I’ve received. People genuinely had no idea that I needed more support than I was receiving. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or reach out for support as it’s worth it !

A partner who works irregular or long hours;

For alot of mums today’s society means it’s not uncommon for partners to have to work weekends, irregular or additional hours to keep on top of bills etc and the best partner on the world may not be able to give the amount of support he or she wishes.

Supporting someone financially in my eyes is quite important,everybody knows financial pressure brings a whole new level of worry to life and can cause serious issues. We shouldn’t underestimate the value of financial support that said it should run along side emotional and physical support and never replace it.

Not having your mum in your life;

I don’t want to be like a broken record but being without your mum for whatever reason means you are robbed of what should be your biggest cheerleader….

when I questioned mums about their support their own mum was mentioned as their greatest support if not equal to the women’s partners.

Being without the lady who has known you longer than another , who has been there and not only got the t -shirt but has worn it out can be tough in a lot of ways but if you are lucky to have good in laws that’s a blessing that can soothe the sting.

Hectic Scheduales;

Basically everyone these days has hectic Scheduales… for many the work : home life ratio is mad… people work long days and for many the weekend is the time they cram everything they need to do and people they need to see into 2 measly days. Friends, family and those in a position to support often just don’t have the time with their own lives being so busy and often pressured. I’m lucky that my biggest support my sister works shift and she has 2.5 days off and has that little extra bit to give .. thankfully she often gives it to me but the reality is most people have their own stuff going on and reaching out to others isnt high on thru list of priorities.

Recently Mr Mmmm was away 9 days out of a 14 day period and I was astounded at the support I was offered from a people that usually wouldn’t let it enter their head that I might like some me time or some alone time with my partner ! Is there a thinking that if you have a partner you have all the support you need ?

Do people go that extra mile to offer support if your flying solo or are you just “poxed” if you have great support !

I think the bottom line is we are seriously lacking the “village” mentality this generation has been robbed of .. question is how do we get it back ?

Xoxo L.


My make up free month …

First things first I better get the confession out of the way….it was only 3 weeks….I caved !

* My first makeup free pic and probably the first pic of me on social media without makeup with the exception of the odd run pic! *

So why did I set myself this challenge .. I dunno really I get these mad notions I guess !!! I’m not a massive make up maniac but let’s just say if I’m heading out on the town I like to put a bit of time into my face and regularly top it up through out the night… if I stop caring it’s clear I’m pie eyed and need to call a cab !

To those who don’t know me I might come off as conceited but I can assure you that couldn’t be further from the truth.

My make up is my mask ..

For that reason I found the myself not wasting a second of time spent around my family and friends thinking about my make up free face but when in situations where I was in the company of strangers I wondered what sort of a first impression was I giving off ….

Did people look at me and assume I put no time into my appearence therefore was a lazy individual? Was I viewed as being so confident and free that I didn’t feel the need to wear makeup ? Was I viewed as a frumpy mum who couldn’t be arsed ? Or did any one really give a shit !

The reality is it doesn’t really matter but one thing was for sure as the weekend hit I was dreading going out for dinner bare faced. I never wear much or any make up during the week so the school runs , the coffee in a friends or visits to my family didn’t phase me.

“Why you not got you make up on mum” little L asked as I got ready to go out , she hadn’t questioned me during the week but even as a three year old she associated my good jeans, heels and makeup with going out and wondered what was going on !

* makeup less in the middle! At my most insecure out for dinner with my sisters and aunt*

I felt quite self concious as I noticed no other ladies on the premises were without makeup… I think what really added to my lack of self essteem was that I was very tired, looked it and without ” my mask” I felt vulnerable.

There were two other occasions I struggled slightly with staying away from the slap, the first was meeting a friend (who has never seen me barefaced) for a playdate with the kids ..I got over it fairly quickly and he didn’t say anything so I’m not sure if he even noticed ! (But I did wonder…)

* I didn’t realise how geeky I looked ! I’m channeling my inner where’s wally !!!*

The other was the trip into the big smoke with the guys for a meander around and lunch ..but the fact it was early in the day and I wasn’t tired, I didn’t feel as bad or maybe I was adjusting to my new look !

* Having lunch with the family @coqbull cork

So after three weeks makeup free what did I learn?

I really missed my eye makeup! With out my eyeliner and mascara I felt I looked like a mole awakening after a winters hibernation…the other makeup I could take or leave but these two are my loves!

Had I been working front of house somewhere or in a professional setting I wouldn’t have lasted a day – fact. I feel first impressions are based on the visual, the reality is we are judged initially on how we look and it goes from there. Whether this is fair or not is irrelevant as I think if we are honest we all do it despite what you think!

Don’t get upset no one is saying you’ve been negative … here’s an example !

You see a person you don’t know he’s got a band tee on , a band you love !The fact he could be a complete asshole never enters your head ( short of him doing something horrendous ) you more than likely focus on the fact he loves that band you love so it’s likely you have a positive first impression of him!

I am not as horrendous as I thought I was bare faced ! OK I’ll admit I put more effort into my hair , clothes and even earring choice when makeup free to compensate. I specifically chose earrings that gave me a boost without drawing too much attention to my face and did a bit more than a “mum bun” with my hair alot of the time.

The strange thing was the first time I applied make up again I felt like a bit of a clown, In fact I cleansed it off and toned it down… alot .

In the three weeks it became very clear who I was 100% comfortable around without “the mask” on and my confidence has certainly grown !

I’ll be completely honest a night out in my local restaurant was one thing but makeup free in the big smoke for a night out … not a chance ! I’m just not quite there yet…

Ironically my skin didn’t improve in the few weeks, although I’m lucky with my skin in general. Maybe I was even a bit negligent at times and because I hadn’t had a face of makeup on just gave it a wash under the tap rather than the cleansing I’d have given it had I worn makeup . Therefore there was no change or improvement!

So why did I not last the month ?

In a nutshell I was representing some one other than myself last week … as a volunteer representing The Irish Therapy Dogs I felt I wanted to look my best and give a good impression to those I was sitting before, both of myself and the organisation and to do that I felt I needed a little extra help from my friends…. concealer agus a chairde !

So after three weeks makeup free I certainly find myself wearing less and going bare face more often. My confidence has improved and less shits are given! So overall I’d say it was a worthwhile experiment, wouldn’t you ?!

Would you dare to bare !? Is a makeup free month something you would try !? As always I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Xoxo L.

Alternatives to toys as gifts ….

Christmas just gone I thought I had controlled what came into the house in terms of toys but looking now and having a playroom that doesn’t even look tidy when tidied I realised I have failed.

We have a fairly small family by most people’s standards so I didn’t realise how much “stuff ” the Smalls would receive. With little L Turning three this year I found she got alot more stuff than previous years and I even may have encouraged a few playsets that I now regret but I’ve learnt my lesson !!! From now on for Christmas, birthdays, easter etc I’m taking a stand and not having a toy or ( choc ) overload !!!

So here’s my alternatives to toys !


I’m not sure if my kids are unique but they love jammies ! Character or fun colourful jammies make a great gift !


Another practical but fun gift for your loved ones ! When J received this bed set from L for his birthday last year I was surprised at how much he loved it ! Like the pjs knowledge of the child’s interests is a must !

Books ( not a toy right !? )

Books are the one thing I will never limit in our house ! Along with being educational they are a beautiful way to spend quality time with your child or loved one, can be used to prepare for an up coming event ie starting school and start amazing conversations along with having many other benefits.

Cinema vouchers

( photo credit Google images )

Who doesn’t love the cinema !! All kids love going to the movies and a family heading to the movies and grabbing some goodies can see a e50 note well battered if not diminished depending on the size of your family. So not only are you giving a gift that they will enjoy you are easing the blow to a mum or dad’s wallet ! Same goes really for any voucher for an experience or attraction really !

Arts and crafts supplies

In my eyes a package of art and crafts supplies ( pompoms, feathers , coloured card, stickers etc ) is a great gift as children will get endless enjoyment from them. These days you can get amazing value for your money in discount stores such as Dealz and Bookstation is another great place to source the craft materials along with penneys.

A promise of an experience enjoyed together .

Whether it’s the promise of a shopping trip where they can pick their own clothes, a trip together to a local attraction, a camping trip, promise of a pizza, a trip to a museum or zoo, you will find every child enjoys a) The input into deciding what you should do together and b) the thought of spending time sharing fun experiences with the ones they love.

Lunch bags/boxes and bottles

From playschool age onwards one of the few things children use consistently is a lunch bag / box and bottle and a new bright fun set brings a little fun to a school day and is a nice gift !

A subscription

( J with a colouring sheet from his @darcythedingo subscription)

Who doesn’t love getting personal post (us adults forget what “nice ” post is !!!! ) kids especially love getting something through the letter box especially for them. Whether it be a favourite magazine, a craft box etc it will be the gift that will keep on giving after the birthday celebrations are old news.

So there you have it my alternatives to toys as gifts, I hope I’ve given you some ideas that might help the nxt time you get an invite to a VIP ‘s party !

Xoxo L.

As always my thoughts and opinions are my own . We were gifted a subscription to Darcy The Dingo in exchange for feedback but I was under no obligation to mention it I’m this post ! We are eagerly awaiting Darcy’s nxt correspondence ūüėČ

What is a friend …

Thankfully I’m very lucky to have great friends … I do and have always done quality over quantity. I never confuse acquaintances with friends.

One of my best friends called yesterday transforming my day and made me think about my friends and just how fantastic they are.

My best friends are a mix of old school friends , lifelong friends made through horses, new friends I’ve made through my new role as mum, my beautiful sisters and himself Mr Mmmm.

The definition of a friend ” one who listens, doesn’t judge and makes everything all right ” .

I have great friends … older friends , younger friends , lifelong friends and new friends and they are all amazing in their own individual ways !

Here’s a little insight into what defines a great friend in my eyes !!

My friend doesn’t give a shit if I give my children chocolate bread for lunch or throw on a pizza for dinner instead of whipping up a cooked from scratch nutritious meal , she whips the crisps out of bag and adds them to their plates…..

My friend has had me count the coppers in her car to get petrol but holds back ¬£2 from the amount of petrol she puts in so we can get a icecream each on a sunny day …

My friend arrives on my doorstep the day after a stressful phone conversation with a bag of cans of coke that she’s been hoarding from her trips to the Chinese for me as she knows how much I love the schtuff! !! She sorts out my kids , tells it straight , sorts out my head and warms my heart.

My friend laughs and says ” ya he’s being an asshole all right ” and it’s my child she’s talking about not my husband.

My friend unloads the cutlery tray from the dishwasher as it’s known I think it’s as bitch of a job!

My friend appreciates me and the little things I do when I can …I don’t need the appreciation it’s not why I do these things but it means alot that it’s not gone unnoticed.

My friend will plan a daytime drinking session and enourage me give myself the time I need and deserve and make me feel like myself again … Laura … not mum.

My friend is aware of the mistakes I make and have made and never judges or mentions said fuck ups !

My friends – they are amazing and allow me to be me and don’t judge me for it and are always there to listen to my rants, raves and woes and make everything right. They make a dull day Yay!

I love you guys !

Xoxo L

My Pick of Christmas Viewing.

For weeks now I have been waiting for the RTE guide to appear on the shelves of my local shop as for me its arrival means Christmas is well and truly here !¬† I’ve picked my favourites to keep you going from Saturday the 23rd until New Years Day.

Enjoy, as always I love to hear your feedback.

Xoxo L.


For the Adults;

Saturday December 23rd:

Love & Mercy (poster).jpg

RTE 2 – Love and Mercy 9.05pm

A portrait of beach boy Brian Wilson documenting the troubles he had after he ceased touring and the loss of his grip on reality.

Channel 4 – The Wolverine 9.00pm

The wolverine is lured to japan where he gets caught up between rival gangs , as he struggles on the run he must face the prospect of death for the first time.

Christmas Eve:

BBC 2 – Guys and Dolls 3.20pm

In this 1950’s musical a gambler is challenged to take a “prude” missionary to Havana but falling for her certainly wasn’t part of the plan. Starring the delicious Marlon Brando this is a fantastic view.

TG4 – The Family 9.55pm

Starring Robert De Niro this film follows a mafia family in witness who want to turn their lives around.

Christmas Day:

E4 – Snow White and The Huntsman 7pm

A¬†2012 American Fantasy Film¬†based on the German fairy tale “Snow White” compiled by the Brothers Grimm.¬† In the film’s retelling of the tale, Snow White grows up imprisoned by her evil stepmother, Queen Ravena. After Snow White escapes into the forest, Ravenna tells the huntsman that she will bring back his dead wife if he captures Snow White.

Channel 4 – First Dates at Christmas 9pm

The lovely Fred open up the first Dates restaurant for this Christmas special hoping to bring love to the couples just in time for Christmas.

RTE 1 – Mrs Browne’s Boys Christmas Special 9pm

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Mrs Browne’s Boys ! this year is no different.

St Stephens Day:

TV3 РPaul O Grady: For The love of Dogs Christmas 8pm

Paul helps a heavily pregnant stray among other gorgeous animals in this Christmas special.


Little Women – 8pm A three part series of telling this timeless tale.

The Miniaturist Р9pm A two part drama , Nella is gifted a dolls house by her fiance only to realise the tiny creatures mirror the actions of her family.

Thursday December 28th:

TG4 – Killing Bono 10.30pm

Two brothers hoping for stardom find it a bitter pill to swallow when there friends form U2 and take the world by storm. Starring love/hates Robert Sheehan

Friday December 29th:

RTE1 – The Late Late Show Dubliner’s Tribute 30 years on 9.30pm

Saturday December 30th:

TG4 – The Kite Runner 9.30pm

writer Amir returns to his Afghan birthplace to find his best friend and his wife have been murdered by the Taliban.

New Years Eve:

RTE2 – Beckham- For the Love of the Game 2.40pm

David goes on a unique journey as he plays seven games on the seven continents.

BBC2 – Into The Woods 8pm

A childless couple set out to find the ingredients to restore a witches beauty so she will remove the curse on their family Tree.

RTE1 – Imelda May New Years Eve Special 10.20pm

TV3 – The Graham Norton Show, New Years Eve Special 11.20pm

New Years Day:

Channel 4 – The Great Festive Bake Off 7.40pm

BBC2 – Sue Perkins and The Chimp Sanctuary 9pm

Sue Meets animals freed from medical testing at Chimp Haven Louisiana.

Channel 4 – Pitch Perfect 2 9pm

The Barden Bellas an cappella group try to revive their image after a disastrous performance.



For the Kids;

Saturday December 23rd:


Channel 4 – The Rugrats Movie 7.30am

A good one to stick on if the kids are wired on the spirit of Christmas and your not quite ready to get up ! I used to love Rugrats so this is one ill be recording in the hope that well all be asleep when its showing !

BBC 2 – The Muppets 9.30am

A devoted fan, his brother Gary, and Gary’s girlfriend help Kermit reunite the disbanded Muppets, as they must raise $10¬†million to save the Muppet theatre¬†from a businessman who plans to demolish the studio to drill for oil.

Christmas Eve:

The Gruffalo’s Child 10.55am

Be sure to record this one as Julia Donaldson’s beautiful stories are for life not just Christmas !

BBC 1 – Monsters University 2.20pm

Image result

Despite coming after Monsters INC this is actually the prequel, Monsters University tells the story of monsters, Mike and Sulley, and their time at college, where they start off as rivals, but slowly become best friends.

RTE 1 – Angela’s Christmas 6.20pm

This is an animated adaption of Frank McCourts Angela’s ashes for all the family to snuggle up and watch. Set in the 1900s we follow a child’s wish to make sure every one is happy, warm¬†and safe at Christmas.

RTE 1 – Arthur Christmas 4.05pm

As one of our five favourite family flicks this is one well definitely watch again and if you hadn’t its a must as it is fantastic festive viewing.

Christmas Day:

TG4 – Cat a Hata An Nolliag 11.22am

If you want to bring a cupla focail do na paisti then who else better to do it than cat in the hat !

TV3 – Chicken Run 4.20pm

Chicken run ver1.jpg

Rooster Rockey and chicken Ginger decide to escape the farm when they realise their destiny !

BBC1 –¬†The Highway Rat 4.45pm

Another animated tale brought to us from Julia Donaldson.

St Stephens Day:

BBC 1 – Planes 2 Fire and Rescue 10.10am

When Dusty learns that his engine is damaged and he may never race again, he joins a forest fire and rescue unit to be trained as a firefighter, or else his air strip will be shut down.

Channel 4 – Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakquel 12.10pm

A fun filled animation following the adventures of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

ITV2 – A Bug’s Life 2.35pm

Flik¬†is a little¬†ant who’s always messing things up for his colony.¬†Recently he ¬†destroyed the food stores that were supposed to be used to pay off grasshopper Hopper . Now the strong-arming insect is demanding that the ants gather double the food — or face annihilation. Flik goes on a journey to recruit fighters to defend the colony.

Wednesday 27th December:

BBC1 – The Gruffalo 3.45pm

TG4 – Bee Movie 5pm

Barry the Bee (Jerry Seinfeld) finds the prospect of working with honey uninspiring. He flies outside the hive for the first time and talks to a human, breaking a cardinal rule of his species. Barry learns that humans have been stealing and eating honey for centuries, and he realizes that his true calling is to obtain justice for his kind by suing humanity for theft.

Thursday December 28th:

TV3 – Gnomeo and Juliet 2.05pm

Two garden Gnomes try to avoid tragedy and find a happy ending to their star crossed love affair.

BBC1 РHow to Train Your Dragon 2  4.10pm

Five Years after peace was restored between the dragons and the Vikings hiccup and toothless find a cave home to dragon Rider which might challenge the peace.

Friday 29th December:

BBC1 – Room on the Broom 3.50pm

Another half hour animation based on the popular Julia Donaldson books.

Saturday 30th December:

3E РMadagascar 4pm

A firm favourite in our house ! Four domesticated animals from New York Central Zoo escape to the wilderness only to find themselves out of their comfort zone very quickly

New Years Eve:

BBC1 – Bolt 9.25am

A¬†small white dog named Bolt who, having spent his entire life on the set of a television series, thinks that he has super powers. When he believes that his human, Penny, has been kidnapped, he sets out on a cross-country journey to “rescue” her.

New Years Day:

3E – Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules

Summer is over and Greg Heffley and his older brother Roderick must deal with their parents’ misguided attempts to have them bond.

On Radio….

Christmas eve one for the kids – 11am A furry Xmas RTEjnr radio tells the story of a group of dogs in a pound in Dublin.

Tune in and burn off some Christmas kcals ! Р7pm 2FM  Jenny Greene and The RTE Concert Orchestra.

Enjoy folks !

Xoxo L.

The Mmmm Christmas Playlist !

Happy Christmas to you all !

I feel it is¬†officially ok to say that now were in the serious run up to the big day ! I’m sure if you haven’t hosted a gathering or let rip at a party already it’ll all kick off soon and¬†maybe if your putting a playlist together you’ll find some tunes here that you mightn’t already¬†have thought about adding to bulk it up !

Do Let me know your favourites in the comments , of coarse I love the good old faithful tracks but unfortunately as much as I love the Last Christmas/ fairy-tale of New York type hits they can be overplayed !


xoxo L


Run Rudolf Run – Chuck Berry (1958).

Written by Johnny Marks and Marvin Brodie but popularized by Chuck Berry, If you like Johnny B Good you’ll love this 50’s festive tune as it is musically similar !



River – Joni Mitchell (1971).

Although set in Christmas time rather than technically¬†being a Christmas song this magical folk song is a favourite of mine in general but¬†has a beautiful winter/festive feel to it that means it is a must on¬†my list of amazing festive songs. It is taken from the equally amazing album “Blue”.


Oi TO The World- The Vandals (1996).

I must admit I came across the cover of this tune first and although No Doubt do it justice they are just slightly missing a little more edge to compete with The Vandals! This is the title track from the Orange County Punks Christmas album and is an ideal track to get a party started !


Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms (1957).

This has been a favourite of mine since before I ever realised the sheer brilliance of 50’s music and I’ve yet to find a person who doesn’t agree its a super song … Composed by Joseph Careleton Beal and James Ross Boo this is a must on every xmas playlist.



Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt (1953).

well this¬†number needs no introduction and if you’ve ever been to a “good ” Christmas party you’ll have either done the whole Santa Baby routine after a few too many or witnessed someone else doing a rendition of this classic tongue in cheek look at a lady’s extravagant Christmas wish list ! Can you believe Eartha was only just a teenager when she first sang this !!


Mistress For Christmas – AC/DC.

Taken from the 1990’s album The Razors Edge this is not your usual Christmas song and a great one to have on your playlist to rock the party in classic AC/DC style.


Rockin Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee (1958)

Another great festive tune written by Johnny Marks, recorded by Brenda Lee in 1958. By 2008 ( the songs 50th anniversary) the original version had sold over 25 million copies and has been recorded by lots of other artists. Be sure to have this great on your playlist this Christmas !


Little St Nick – The Beach Boys (1964).

Written by Brian Wilson¬†and Mike Love (only¬†credited for¬†his efforts after a lawsuit in 1990)¬†for The Beach Boys.¬†The song¬†released on December 9, 1963, and peaked at number 3 on Billboard¬†magazine’s special seasonal weekly Christmas Singles chart.¬†This song puts a bit of a groovy 60’s buzz to your playlist !



Sleighride – The Ronettes (1963).

Sleigh ride , the light orchestra standard¬†was¬†composed by Leroy Anderson,¬†he had the original idea for the piece during a heat wave in July 1946 and finished the work in February 1948.¬† Since its completion in the 40’s it has been covered by more artists than I have time or space to mention but¬†The Ronettes version is by far my favourites and is also a big hit with the kids !



Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – Christmas All Over Again (1992).

I Felt after the loss of such an amazing musician and writer¬†in October¬†I had to feature¬†this¬†fantastic Christmas song. Some of you might recognise it from Home Alone 2 and I’m certain if you haven’t heard it you will agree its a lovely piece and an ideal song to end the night on if you’d like an alternative to Fairy Tale of New York!


Have a great Christmas xxx


Our 5 Favourite Family flicks.

Since the winter crept in the Mmmm household has being having quite a few snuggly movie days and nights ! Of coarse the smalls love loads of movies and have enjoyed lots but when they ask to see it over and over again I know it gets their stamp of approval !

For me movies are a mums dream !! snuggle up, cuddle into cosey blankets, grab the goodies and enjoy an activity that lends itself to silence and peace !!!

Here are our five favourites so be sure to stream or watch any you haven’t already seen¬†over the festive period.

Beauty and the Beast (2017).


This is one I admittedly picked out for myself as I had been waiting to see the new version of the timeless tale all year and I was not disappointed. I don’t need to enlighten anyone on this classics storyline I’m sure !¬†My only concern with this movie having two pre-schoolers was that maybe the beast would frighten them¬†but ironically the only thing we did have to ffwd was the scene where the wolves attacked¬†Beast,¬†other than that they were quite happy and the beast is actually quite endearing. It doesn’t say much for my taste in men when I¬†tell you I actually found him more attractive than the prince he finally turned into !

This is a beautiful family movie and is a must see if you have not already.


Wreck It Ralph (2012).

wreck it ralf

This one was picked by J himself and he just adores it. The week we got it I was heading away for the night¬†and I let Mr Mmmm to do movie night so I haven’t seen this myself but judging by the amount of times I’ve popped it in the Dvd player since (and according to himself)¬†it is¬†a big hit.

Arcade game character Wreck-it-Ralph is sick of being the bad guy and is fed up of losing to “good guy” Fix-it-Felix and goes about proving he too can be a hero but on his mission he accidently draws a deadly enemy on the entire arcade . Can he make people see him for the softie and good guy he really is ? C’mon its Disney what do you think !!!

Arthur Christmas (2011).

arthur xmas

This is the movie that launched our weekly movie night ! Picked up a few weeks ago for just e4.99 in Dunnes while doing the shopping,¬†this movie doesn’t owe us a penny and is so fab that we’ve all watched it a few times !

we all know each Christmas Santa delivers gifts all over the world but what you didn’t know¬†is that to help him do this amazing job he has a very high tech operation in place, but when disaster strikes and a child is forgotten its up to Santa’s¬†youngest son Arthur to get the toy to the forgotten child before dawn.

With the help of his Gramps (a retired Santa) Arthur¬†uses a more traditional method of bringing joy¬†and shows why he should be the one to wear the red suit on his fathers retirement. Be sure¬†to fit¬†this fantastic movie in¬†over Christmas or if its been a while since you saw it go there again as¬†it’ll be as magical as the first time you saw it .

The Santa Claus(e) (1994).

samta claus

My earliest memory is of going to The Capital cinema in 1986 to see The Santa Clause (Dudley Moore) with my beautiful Nana and my heart warms at the thought of how magical both the film and the venue were.

Despite my best efforts to get the gang into it they didn’t sit it out so we tried this Tim Allen Santa Claus(e) instead and it was a winner¬†with myself and the smalls. It deals with the doubts and questions kids and adults have about the magic of Christmas in a very child friendly manner and is quite humorous too.

Divorced dad Scott has custody of his son (who is reluctant to spend time with him) on Christmas eve . when Santa accidently¬†falls from Scott’s roof and Scott mistakenly accepts the job as the new Santa Clause¬†they are magically transported to the north pole where an elf tells he him must take Santa’s place before next Christmas arrives. Scott thinks he has been dreaming but soon starts to put on weight and grows an inexplicably white beard. Soon he realises all was not a dream and he has a lot of work to do !!!

Another must see this festive period.

Pete’s Dragon (2016).


This is the most fantastic film I’ve seen in¬†a long time and was not only loved by our family but by all who watched with my smalls including¬†my sister and aunt.¬†¬†Again I wondered would it frighten my¬†two but this dragon is as beautiful as the dragon in the never-ending story¬†with gentle eyes and a furry coat¬†you would love to wrap yourself in !

When a mysterious 10 year old boy Pete turns up claiming to live with a giant green dragon (after the death of his parents in a car crash near the woods when he was just a toddler)  he is taken in by forest ranger Grace, her partner and her daughter Natalie. They then go about finding out where the boy came from, where he belongs and about this magical dragon who has been taking such good care of Pete .

If you only watch, stream, rent one movie in the coming weeks make sure Pete’s Dragon is it !


I hope you enjoy some of these movies if you haven’t already .

xoxo Laura.